(EU/AU ENG) [FEDUP] The Reckless Basterds is recruiting!

The Reckless Basterds is recruiting new members!

The Reckless Basterds is a newly formed Corporation formed by a group of freinds consisting of Veterans and Newbros in the AU and EU time zones. We are apart of Federation Uprising in the Legacy coalition.

We are heavily PvP orientated however we do a wide variety of activities such as Industry, Ratting, Mining and Logistics, We accept players of all types, however we expect people to make an effort to do PvP

What we offer

  • Experienced players willing to teach newplayers all aspects of eve, including how to be self sufficient isk wise.

  • Alliance SRP for Coalition/Alliance fleets.

  • Limited corp SRP for Coalition/Alliance and Corp fleets.

  • Rich space for isk making in the Immensea Region to Rat, Mine and do Industry.

  • Newbro Freindly corporation.

  • Small community of close freinds.

  • Weekly corp PvP fleets, with plans for this to become more regular.

What we look for

  • Omega.

  • Willingness to do PvP and train into relevent ships (Alliance/Corp doctrines).

  • Self sufficient players.

  • Mature attitude (Required).

If what you see here sounds like your type of corp, join our DISCORD and say hello and we will be right with you! Also feel free to join our public channel ‘TLDU Public’ ingame and give us a shout!

Zara Ambramotte [CEO]
Sarah Feyer [Director]

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