EU corp for all players

I have been around for a long time , done some PVE , PVP and Industry, now I decided to start a new corp.

Do You wish to join in and build it from the start and earn good isk please join.

I have full acsess to LV 4 missions and I also have mining booster.

Office is in Ibura

Main goal is :

  • Lv 4 missions
  • Mining
  • Manifacture
  • Data/Relic site

We might moving the operation in to a WH on a later stage .

I am a experienced player with enough ISK to back up this corp in the early stage.

  • New players welcome
  • Veterans welcome
  • we will need salvagers and haulers so all will play a part, no matter skill level.

Everyone must be voice capable.

Will you be in from the begining of forming a corp please send me a ingame mail.


Bump :grinning:

Bump :grinning:

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