(EU) LF a corp

Gonna be honest, ive got no real clue what im looking for. I have tried to get into the game a few times but its never stuck. currently got enough to plex for one month but would need to earn it in game.

Looking at any options and would love to get properly into this game, feel like i would prefer a smaller close knit group but open to anything. have assets and ships dotted all over the place and not really set up anywhere (would probs need help moving some stuff)

Leave any msgs, DMs or add me on discord: Deadeye#5156

Greetings mate , looks like we fit for you, as we are a very relaxed corp. Take a. Look at us, also I sent you a discord inv.

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Hi Deadeye,

If you can consider an 100% independent pvp group that operates from venal that plays eve for having fun then please make sure to check our recruitment post below

there you will get an idea of who we are and what we are up to.

dont forget to join our discord for a talk


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we are always recruiting

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