/EU/ Looking for nullsec corp in amarr space 75 mil sp

2 player 1 omega - 1 alpha looking for 0 sec corps in amarr space mainly for ratting-industry can fly capital if need for pvp and can help in defense.

Hi there m8

Can you consider being part of an independent pvp group that operates from venal.

If so please read our post below. If not I guess there is nothing wrong with a free bump


Thx for the message we are mostly for industry ,defense is OK but the all day pvp its too much.

If you like to pve maybe guristas burners could be a thing.

You can pve as much you like in terms of burner missions and pew pew when ever you want.

✠ ══ T O T A L - R E C A L L ══ ✠

≡v≡ We Are EU/US TZ
≡v≡ 9+ Corp Moons To Mine
≡v≡ We are Already Replaced. Alliance
≡v≡ Allliance SRP Fittings/Logistics/Buy Back
≡v≡ Alliance/Fire Co & TIRE Co Ops Everyday
≡v≡ Alliance TS3/Alliance-Corp Discord
≡v≡ Good Corp History
≡v≡ 1mil SP +
≡v≡ Working Mic (Must Have)
≡v≡ Already Replaced. | Alliance | zKillboard
≡v≡ 🚷 TOTAL- RECALL - MEMBER OF Already Replaced. NULL SEC [EU-US TIME ZONE] - #10 by Aurora_Asher

hello fella, were english speaking corp based in Inmmensea, attached to the Black Rose alliance, great ratting space, structures to build in, lots of stuff to mine ( moons and rocks ) looking to expand and do our part to defend our alliance space, jump on our discord lobby Primal Urges to find out more, I’d be happy to answer any questions you might have whether you join or not… cheers Ed.

might have missed u in discord poss ? DM me in game with yr online times and ill make sure im available…

Hey man, our corp Bellax Borealis holds a small section of sov in Geminate and is completely independent from any of the blocs. We focus on small/nano gang PvP and covert ops, with partial SRP available to all members and lots of isk making opportunities in our space. We don’t care about killboards, diplomacy or have activity requirements, we’re just about having good fights and having a good time. Check out our forum post for details: High Octane Nano Gang Null PvP – Bellax Borealis

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