{EU/NA} Ursa Primus, a C5-5 wormhole is Recruiting

We’re Ursa Primus, a C5-5 wormhole Alliance that loves everything wormholes. From PVP, to huffing and ratting to even more PVP! We are a smaller, skirmish oriented, group and love to take any fight we can no matter the size or skill of the pilots. We love the fight and our goal is to keep getting better. Everyone in the Alliance has their content preference but PvP is a focus for the majority. If this sounds like it aligns with your EVE goals or if you want to learn to fight, then let’s get to it!
• RL First, casual players, fly what you want to fly, and experiment.
• Based in J-space in a C5-5 high-class wormhole
• PVP PVE, Industry, and Mining are all considered but heavy on always taking the fight.
• Active leadership.
• Production and reprocessing structures.
• C5 krabbing.
• Regular fleets and small gang PVP.
• Tight-knit community of pilots who have played together for years.
What we expect from you:
• Friendly attitude.
• Train into our doctrine.
• Submit a corp auth background check.
• Active
we hope you’ll join us on fleets, but it’s not required.
Talk on discord - chat and comms.
• Play your way. PvE, mine, explode our enemies. It’s up to you.
• We like people that are social, as it helps create camaraderie, but if you’re a shy capsuleer - we’re happy to wait for you to come out of your shell too.
• Must be able to scan.
• 15 million+ SP preferred.
We will consider pilots/corps from any walk of life in EvE. We’re a very social and laidback group, RL comes first mentality.
Join our Public Channel: Ursa Primus Public in game OR join our discord!! URSA PRIMUS [URSA.] Join Now!

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Joined up after coming back from a hiatus of winning Eve with 0 knowledge of wormholes or j-space life.

The corp took me in and shared with me so much knowledge on how everything works and made me feel like part of the community.

Great group to fly with and quick to help people of any experience.

10/10 would recommend.

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