[EU] [Null Sec] PVP Corp Rogue Inferno looking for pilots willing to improve

Are you looking for a new home in null sec? Join Rogue Inferno!

We are part of FI.RE Coalition and see ourselves as the Vanguard of FI.RE and we reside in Insmother.

We are a new and growing English speaking, PvP oriented corporation inside the biggest Russian Alliance in the game. Our primary time zone is EUTZ but as our corporation grows, we will be expanding our activity to USTZ as well. Our goal is to help our Alliance maintain its hegemony over the southern regions of the game alongside the rest of our coalition and build a strong community of PVP Focused Pilots.

What we offer:

  • SRP for Coalition fleets.

  • Partial SRP for Roams (yes even solo roams).

  • 5% Corp Tax.

  • An active community on Mumble and Discord.

  • A wealth of game knowledge from some of the best pilots in the south.

  • An environment to allow you to learn and grow your PvP abilities.

  • Earn isk through your contribution in PvP roams.


  • A 25m SP main subcap pilot.

  • Be motivated to improve yourself and be willing to fail and try again in doing so.

  • Enjoy PvP.

  • No corp hoppers. We want people who plan to stick around to have fun.

Have any questions? Want to chat with us? Join our public channel, ‘Rogue Inferno Public’, in game and reach out to any of the recruiters listed in the MOTD.

Discord: R.INF

Still looking for more members!

I’m Jeremy Andedare and I approve this message

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Stilll looking for more pilots hit me up on discord Taphos#7382

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