[EU TZ] Foxholers is recruiting - C5 WH Corp

Welcome to Foxholers,
we are a C5 - C5 corporation living in a Blackhole. We are focusing on PVP but we also do provide PVE for our Members.

A little about us:

  • Experienced wormhole and tournament FC’s
  • PvP focused, especially small gang
  • C5 static
  • Slack and TS3 for out of game communication
  • EU TZ
  • Actually back from the dead and trust me it’s gonna be good this time

In terms of requirements, we’re fairly relaxed, it’s much more about how you blend with the corp as you can always train into doctrines. That being said we do have a few asks:

  • Mic/headset for Teamspeak
  • Scanning skills, preferably on an alt
  • Not being bitter
  • At least one racial cruiser with appropriate T2 weapons

While we prefer people with wormhole experience, it’s not a necessity. If you’re new to wormholes, then we’re happy to show you the ropes.
For more information, feel free to join our public channel ‘W-FOX’ or just poke Ashley Traynor / Dominik Uisen / Beset in-game.

In the meantime check out a few of the videos produced by our members. We’re sure you’ll enjoy them!






good group of people to fly with :slight_smile:



149m sp ready with alot of scanning ability and exp. Long time deep null coalition member. Pvp and small gang fc. Looking to make money and gank. Black ops and supercap owner .

Friendly bump. Thanks for keeping things warm.




Onwards and upwards for fun and giggles


Join our Public Channel W-FOX to speak with one of our Recruiters today.

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Recruitment Open - Join our Public Channel W-FOX to speak with one of our Recruiters today.

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