EU TZ - High Sec PVP - RIOT IT'S BACK - Recruit OPEN



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Join RIOT!


Does your alliance accept 1 man corps??

Jump in RIOT! We recruit single and corp!

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Cant seem to join your in-game channel?

There is a pub channel on Corp bio

Join RIOT! You can play having fun in a group, and you don’t get lobotomized like this one above …

Join RIOT! Easy and fun time!

Join RIOT, simple and fun! If you are brain damaged, join these who come here to promote themselves … poor things …

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Jump in RIOT! We recruit single and corp! EU and US Tz!

RIOT Alliance is NOW Recruiting!!!

Active in EU and US TZ
Open to both Corps or Individual Pilots

We are looking for self-sufficient pilots, with pvp experience that want to have fun in a relaxed environment. DRAMA is forbidden!
Mature pilots that want to be a part of something. Weather it is in fleets or solo.

RIOT declares either random wars, we destroy citadels for fun fleets.
We fly in both highsec and lowsec.

What we can offer:
Highsec Lowsec Roams
Suicide Ganks
Tear Harvesting

Come to RIOT Pubchan and have a chat with us.



Join RIOT!