[EU/US/AU] Children of the Isotope is recruiting active, experienced PVP pilots



We’re looking for active PVP pilots to join our ranks and fight alongside us

We are

  • Spread across all time zones, with a focus on EU/US

  • LGBTQ+ friendly

  • Experienced in all types of PVP in all regions (yes, even highsec :face_vomiting:)

  • Probably just a bunch of Possums in a trench coat

  • Arsonists can be trusted with lighter fluid and a box of matches

Now offering

  • PVP Fleets

  • Sense of Community

  • FC Training + Semi-Competent FC team

  • Corp ships for handouts

  • Dedicated Corp Deployments

  • @ here pings at 2 in the morning from our resident PVP addicts who’ve been chaining wormholes for 12 hours straight

  • Isk making opportunities & guides


  • Black ops capable

  • 30m SP main (minimum)

  • A Capital/Supercapital alt

  • Self sufficient in terms of isk income

  • Good knowledge of Nullsec and Blops Mechanics

  • Good fit personality wise

Our corporation is a member of The Initiative, currently residing in Fountain, presenting plenty of opportunity for PVP and Isk making

Reach out today, contacts below

Philippus12#3051 - Co-CEO/Director

RavagingGold#9532 - Officer (that one’s me, i don’t sleep)

Ttren115 (She/Her)#3167 - Officer

Leica M3#0001 - Officer

yttrium#5983 - Officer

Our links
Zkill: Children Of The Isotope | Corporation | zKillboard




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