[EU/US/AUS] The Untraceable ღ WH/Null PVP ღ M A R A K U G A Alliance

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The Untraceable

Were looking for more active players
:diamonds: Timezone EU / US / AUS
:diamonds: Null + C5 static
:diamonds: Daily PVP Fleets, Roams/Camps/Blackops

We are a PVP focused corp/alliance living in Wormhole Space, we specialise in nano fleets where we roam through our null sec static looking for a fight.
Along the way any stray ships we find are targets for the fleet, we are ruthless and and unforgiving.
Our fleets can be intense and fast paced where we look to work as a close knit group to outsmart and overpower our opponents.
All types of ship can be included from tackle and EWAR up to high DPS battlecruisers/battleships.

We have monthly top killer competitions where there are prizes for
1st (250m)
2nd (150m)
3rd place (100m)

Living in a Wormhole means a lot of scanning work. We rely on our scanners to find nice routes to High Sec (near Jita) and find nice gas or combat signatures.
We compensate our scanners on a monthly basis using pathfinder statistics.
the more chains you scan the more isk you can get from the 500mil prize pool each month!

Since we are living in a C2 Wormhole with a NS and C5 static. This gives us access to one of the most profitable activities in EvE, C5 sleeper sites.
Grab a fleet of Nestors and Leshaks or go it solo in a Marauder the choice is yours.

Ingame public channel: PROFC
Alliance killboard: M A R A K U G A | Alliance | zKillboard
We achieved 2Trillion ISK killed :stuck_out_tongue:

We are selectively recruiting wormhole corporations!


Best Regards

Great crew living in npc space with daily small gang pvp fleets. Pop over and say hi and join a crew that doesnt have the whole server blue!

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We’re all a chill bunch, come join the pub channel in-game and we’ll tell you all we need to know :smiley:

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Super good lads. Always have a laugh with them. Well worth joining to truly be free of the blue donut.

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Still open for recruitment, pop into our public channel

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Free gila blueprints!

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Awesome Corp!

Back to the top!

MARAKUGA Alliance is also looking for more pvp corporations, wanna pvp on daily basis!


It’s weekend, wanna join us and pvp, hit us up in our public channel: PROFC

Poor guy :frowning:

Newbro Sister Corp is LIVE The Traceable
Any application will be acepted, aslong ur willing to learn, have fun, pvp, and ofcourse to make ISKies!
or join PROFC for a chat!

Always fun with these guys…

Havin’ a blast running with the folks, good times, good runs and laughs all around.

Chill environment if you look for a corp like that.

Still open for recruitment, pop over to our ingame channel and have a chat!

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