🇬🇧 [EU/US] LOOKING FOR A PURPOSE? - New Eden Police Force - NewBro&Returning friendly - 80%PVP-20%PVE-Join the cause!

I sent an app in game from my alt, definitely interested in joining…right up my alley and love the side of the game y’all are focused on

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Got yah m8 :sunglasses: Great to have u with us :v:

Crazy how fast you guys are growing, seen you kicking some gankers ass. Amazing what you are doing guys, havn’t seen it like that b4. Thumbs up and full support from the mining community :+1:

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Thanks bro, apretiate it :sunglasses:

:+1: Good job aout there!!

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Sounds like a fun and rewarding operation!
I’d like to send in an application.

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Mail has been sendt to yah ingame with Discord link m8, hope to ttys :sunglasses:

Thanks Belial :sunglasses:

Weekend is here boys… pew,pew,pepepepepepeeeeew :sunglasses: :v:

:+1: Lets kick some ass :sunglasses:

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Lets :sunglasses: :muscle:

Big time :+1: great group of people, and with RL lady officers as well :blush:

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Love to yah all :wink:

I’m loving it… Come and join us! :policeman:

Looking forward to the day they actually do :rofl:

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