[EU/US] Order of the Eclipse is seeking PvPers & the PvP-curious

Went for a roam last night but krabs didn’t want to fight so we collected taxes instead.

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Back up, had another quick roam this evening.

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We had some fun in Phantasms on Halloween with some friends

Killed an Apostle the other day, was a good fight

Smug Piplup says ya should join us cause we’re awesome


Join us today! :sparkling_heart:


AI art for OOTE.

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Bump bump


And up!

Still recruiting!

Want some marauder kills? Join us.

If you joined today you’d’ve been here this evening:

And OOTE, despite our small size, is top corp in CVA right now for kills this week!

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All we want for Christmas… is loooot!

Had a little roam with a few corpmates and a few friends, got some sweet kills and then evaded BL0B (living up to their name) for 20 minutes.

Come join, don’t miss this.