[EU/USTZ] 0.0 corp recruiting new & experienced influencers. PVPers, Miners & PVEers needed!

We are Surreptitious Technologies, a new(ish) EVE Online null security space organization focused on (pvp and industrial) activities related to black ops warfare. We are a corp focused on consistent pursuance of improved black ops capabilities and content creation. Together we contribute to the objectives focused around growth, proficiency, and sustainability through our individual and collective efforts.

We currently based out of Deklein and have exclusive rights to our own system, plus other shared systems which make ratting and other isk-making possibilities a reality.

We are recruiting members, new and experienced, from all timezones to be a part of our journey in pursuing black ops proficiency in pvp as well as industry to support that pvp!

What is our purpose

We exist to provide members with an opportunity to center themselves around a journey, where their individual and collective contributions have meaning, and where they can experience themselves as belonging to something greater than themselves.

As Surreptitious Technologies is a fairly young organization, we are looking to grow in a sustainable way through phased-based gameplay rather than a mass influx of “new bodies.” A phased approach offers measurable ways to determine direction and progress, rather than a ‘feeling’ of growth that many corporations incorporate, only to reveal that the members individually simply feel unnamed and unimportant. The phased approach allows leadership and members alike to see the state of the corporation at any given time and “see progress” that they, themselves, are a part of building. We are not interested in the F1 monkey. We are interested in the player that wants to be a part of building something while enjoying all that null sec has to offer.

We offer:

  • Small fleet PVP options - conventional and covert/black ops**
  • Opportunities to focus, learn, and hone black ops skills in a friendly environment
  • Several corp-owned structures to use for production
  • Profits from mining, production, PI, exploration, and ratting
  • Corp buyback programs
  • Corp jump freighter service
  • Access to veterans of the game
  • Great space to utilize for all the main activities of the game!
  • Corp discord

** Covert/Black Ops fleets dependent on incoming members and capabilities to improve as the corp grows.

Benefits of joining Surreptitious Technologies

  1. Being a part of a corporation that is focused on measurable progress that each member has a meaningful role in contributing towards
  2. Assisted skill pathways to use to help members build towards becoming an effective member of black operations fleets
  3. Ability to build on personal wealth whilst aiding the corporation in its development through buyback opportunities.
  4. Opportunities to be an active part of a group aiming to be more proficient in sub capital pvp, focusing on black ops warfare as our specialty
  5. Contribute to industrial activities that support the corp’s goals, objectives, and capabilities.

Our pvp requirements:

  • Each pvp character has at least one main character (at minimum 5 million SP) that either flies a stealth bomber and/or is willing to skill into at least one of the corporation’s doctrines as soon as possible after joining.
  • Commitment to go on warfare deployments & live in or near hostile territory as part of those deployments
  • Commitment to take part in planned or otherwise regular pvp events/activities (covert/black ops related or regular pvp fleet compositions)
  • ESI registration may be required for each character, including those that are not in the corp.
  • Must be willing and able to use comms during fleet operations & active interactions on discord

Our industrial requirements:

  • Willingness to learn & implement strategies for defensive mining
  • Commitment to take part in corp mining events
  • Willingness to take part in specified corp production projects as needed
  • Commitment to contribute to supplying warfare deployments through limited and specified corp projects
  • ESI registration may be required for each character, including those that are not in the corp.
  • Must be willing and able to use comms during fleet operations & active interactions on discord

Join hush-hush.pub in game to inquire more.

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Many of us have been in multiple corporations over the EVE career. The initial attraction of the corp having everything ready on a silver platter often leads us to disappointment. Ultimately, we want to have fun in this game and feel as though our gameplay, our joining the corp has meaning.

We are an up and coming corporation, building and shaping ourselves in a direction that we each contribute towards executing. Some of us desire purpose in what we do. Some of of enjoy the challenge of building rather than simply consuming what the corporation offers us. Our aim is meaningful gameplay in our activities, be it industrial, pve, and/or pvp. Everything we do contributes to our phased goals and we strengthen together in the process.

If you’re looking for something different. If you’re feeling yourself to be simply an unnamed number in your current organization, try us out. Come and be a part of our journey towards becoming one of New Eden’s black ops specialist groups who provide not only pvp content, but also as a main supplier of black ops-related ships to New Eden.

  • If you’re interested in Black Ops, but aren’t yet trained, doesn’t matter. Apply.
  • If you’re a miner or enjoy PVE but are interested in focusing your efforts towards the black ops, then Apply.
  • If you’re a hardcore industrialist and want to bring your expertise to help us scale up our black ops industrial operations, then Apply.
  • If you’re an experienced black ops pilot and want to try something different and be a part of building our black ops fleet operations and training, then Apply.
  • If you are a budding FC in conventional pvp or black ops pvp and your current group isn’t giving you the time of day, then Appy. Our environment will give you the space to grow and hone your skills, and our collective capabilities.

I think you get the picture! :wink:

The corp has plenty of options for the pilot who’s looking for something different In EVE to be a part of.

Join hush-hush.pub in game to inquire more.

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Surrepticious Technologies’ CEO is one of the most charismatic people I’ve met in this game, which translates into an ability to bring together a select group of great people that rely on each other to achieve their goals.
I would highly recommend joining this group, if what’s written above appeals to your interests at all. I for one consider them friends that I always look forward to flying with!

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So much of EVE comes down to relationships and experiences. It’s often difficult to build relationships within a large group. Experiences can be had and there’s plenty to say about large scale warfare in terms of the experiences. However, in the middle of it all, many pilots feel lost and while they may “belong” to an organization, they don’t feel a true sense of belonging and value to the organization on an individual level. This is a great tragedy and this is often seen after a major war or split up in an alliance where “things just aren’t the same.” They’re not. Unless your leadership are great at bouncing back and laying out carefully the next steps and how you – the individual – can contribute to those, it begins to leave a wedge within where you start to ask, “Why am I still here?”


This gives a very good picture of a lot of today’s EVE players. They might have been told they’re a part of something big and great but in the end they feel lost and disconnected. Every large group feels and looks the same. Nothing is unique. We believe at Surreptitious Technologies that every pilot contributes to the greater good of the corp. The greater good for us, is not simply talk, but refers to measurable goals & objectives against which we can see together what our progress is as a corporation and how you contribute to it. We aim to harvest relationships that last, as the very nature of the type of activities we take part in rely heavily on the relationships of our people.

We aim to build a black ops powerhouse. We aren’t there yet but we have the goals in place to continue getting us closer to that objective. We want YOU to be a part of that. In order to do this, we need to build a healthy symbiosis between our industrial activities and pvp activities. We also want YOU to be rich!! While we have projects that aim to grow corp funds, we align our activities to ensure the best possible outcome for you to make ISK individually as well.

WE WANT INFLUENCERS and ISK enables influencers to buy the things needed to have fun and align that fun with the corporation’s missions and objectives. This is why we believe self-sufficiency is the best way to achieve that and one key reason why we are in Deklein right now to facilitate clear aims to grow, to focus, and to improve our outputs industrially and with the fun we have in pvp. We run ourselves as a project and goal-based organization and as such, our pilots feel that they are a part of something different that they can directly contribute to.

We are looking for YOU if you are:

  • Miners & Planetary Interaction specialists
  • Experienced/semi-experienced black ops pvp’ers looking to grow and share their experience
  • Experienced/semi-experienced black ops FCs
  • Bomber / recon pilots

ALL TIMEZONES are accepted.

We are implementing a plan and we want YOU to be a part of it.

Join our in-game channel hush-hush.pub or contact CEO Jadecougar for more details.

No pvp organization in EVE survives without an industrial backbone!

It’s the workhorses behind the scenes that play tirelessly to ensure that a constant supply of ships, mods, ammo, structures, etc are made available for the corp to achieve its goals & objectives. These are the heroes behind the scenes that enable the fleets to happen. It’s these heroes we want to highlight in our recruitment drive currently! Industrials are a special breed of player. We understand that here at Surreptitious Technologies and we believe that we have a place for you to do what you enjoy best without the forced requirement to PvP as told. So join us today and be a part of our journey together!

As we are building up the industrial backbone, we are looking to add new friends that mine, do PI, PVE, and produce. You are the ones we want to be a part of the team! YOU are what makes up the industrial backbone and we want you to join us! The opportunity to make isk for yourselves in the process is great and a very real possibility, living in Deklein. We have our own system as well as shared systems to use. We have extensive corporation-owned structures to use and the corp offers a 0% taxrate.

Why 0%? Because we believe in facilitating our members to get insanely rich, while contributing to the corporation’s vision, its phased goals, and its objectives. We want you to join us and help strengthen the backbone of the corp. Come and fly with us…fly with purpose. Fly with Surreptitious Technologies.

Join the in-game channel hush-hush.pub or contact Jadecougar directly for any questions and possible next steps.

No industrial activities have purpose if there’s not pvp activities blowing things up!

We see black ops pvp as something unique!

To us, the thrill of the hunt is one of the most exciting aspects of black ops warfare.

The ability to enter deep into enemy territory, find the target, snag it, light a covert cyno and bridge in several bombers to destroy it in seconds and then be able to get back out is incredible! There are obviously many other applications for black ops support. Jumping a target is just one of those. The ships are great for recon work, gathering up valuable on field intelligence that can be used for defensive and offensive purposes. Also forward deployments, setting up on the edge of enemy territory, using that as a base of operations allows many opportunities for structure harassment/bashing as well as income suppression. The options are many.

PvP and reality


Having said that, because of its niché nature, black ops cannot be used in all scenarios for pvp. Often times, the quick form-up and quick roams are desired as well. We are trying to facilitate that as per the threat and available hands we have at a given time. We understand also the reality that real life hits each of us at certain points that can limit our game play during a particular day or week. We also understand that pvp engagements require flexibility in terms of what we can/should field. We are also working to add to our ranks that will allow us more versatility and fun for our roams even if some are away or in different timezones. This means obviously, that we are working on making our reality into the expectations that we have set for the corp to achieve. These take time, but more importantly it takes the right people who believe in what we’re building and want to be a part of the building blocks to make that happen!

PvP unites

We aim to make our pvp fun for the group. It’s our experience that more people appreciate the small to medium gang pvp engagements, regardless of outcome as long it’s done together and it’s fun. As our pvp numbers grow, we will have regular weekly roams for people to look forward to and schedule their time for. These are the times that stories are created and memories are shared. PVP unites the group when the environment is positive and fun. Even better is when there is a purpose or mission objectives to carry out!

Our larger aim is to make a serious impact on the game through our combined activities as a group, regardless of where are and who we affiliate ourselves with. This includes BOTH pillars of industry and pvp working hand in hand.

This is the way.


So one of the realities of PVP is the necessity to adapt to your current situation. You don’t always get to fly what you want in every situation and we recognize this as well. While we are aiming to focus our longer term niché skillsets to include effective black ops fleets, it is clear that regular small gang sub cap fights are great options to address the itch that many of us have when looking for a fight! Black ops cannot be used in every and all fleets that exist in the game.

So it should be made clear that despite our small and still relatively inexperienced numbers, we are taking all pvp in as part of the offerings of our corp. These include co-operative fleets within Deklein but also public fleets when applicable. Sometimes there are slightly odd tragedies. We bring the wrong tools to a fight. Some jump when we’re supposed to hold. Some engage on gates and die a fiery death for doing so. We make mistakes. It’s part of the game! Most have been funny and all have been learning experiences, all in an environment where we’re doing things together whenever possible.


The corp has been ramping up its activities are having weekly scheduled fleets in addition to the regular home defense, roaming, and other content opportunities that present themselves to us. This ensures that all corp members have something to look forward to throughout the week. These are excellent opportunities to practice different fleet compositions, practice FC’ing, and all around having fun together as a group.

If you have a pvp itch and you’re looking to belong to something different and you see yourself as a potential candidate that brings fun and a willingness to learn and improve both individually and as a group, then contact Jadecougar or join the hush-hush.pub channel in game for more details!