[PVP][INDY][NULL] Surreptitious Technologies - Member of Shadow Ultimatum alliance

Surreptitious Technologies, a member of Shadow Ultimatum alliance is seeking additional pilots.

We currently live in our own sov space in Cloud Ring. There is ample access to pvp in Cloud Ring itself as well as the surrounding regions of Fade, Pure Blind, Black Rise, Placid, Outer Ring, with Syndicate being nearby as well. PVP options are many!

The intent of the alliance is to focus on pvp and industrial activities that help us towards achieving some of our goals of becoming specialists of black ops gameplay as well as to become a strong supplier of black ops equipment to the market. Black ops is a niche game style and therefore, conventional pvp is a regular part of what we do as well. We aim to become a serious influencer in the game!

We are a great project for those seeking to be a part of a longer term project from its earlier phases. We are about the journey being as rewarding as the end result. Be a part of something that matters!

We offer:

  • Ship Replacement for strategic operations
  • Corp buyback on selected items
  • Moon mining opportunities
  • PVE & Ratting
  • Jump freighter services to help you
  • regular fleets as well as plenty of solo PVP opportunities
  • great environment to develop FC skills
  • friendship with people that actually know you as the person you are and not as the F1 guy
  • a place with diverse people covering two major timezones (EU & US) to fleet up with.
  • discord and voice comms

We are a corp and alliance with ambition to grow, hold sov, and use that sov to fund our pvp and strengthen our profile in New Eden!

We are looking for:

Self sufficient pilots

  • with at minimum 5 million skillpoints
  • with an active personal killboard.
  • that are EU and/or US timezone based pilots
  • willing to attend strategic operation fleets and home defense fleets
  • willing to work towards goals and/or projects
  • that fly and be willing to skill into at least a stealth bomber and some doctrine ships
  • that are on comms when playing - It’s hard to build a community without comms

Our corp is set up according to phased gameplay, which involves achieving certain goals and objectives for each phase, allowing us to measure progress going forward. We are not an “aimless corp” just existing. We work towards achieving goals and YOU can be a part of that!

Come check us out to learn more!

Recruitment Contacts:
Admiral Rutledge (US)
Annabelle Tsero (EU)
Jadecougar (EU)

Join the in-game channel: hush-hush.pub


Curse is quite the playground! Don’t miss out. Lots of targets.

The region is great for PVP and for PVE. Most importantly, it’s a place for to grow and practice your skills in an environment where your contributions and activity matter.
The alliance we belong to (Shadow Ultimatum) intends to progress towards taking its own sovereignty space. We aim to support that and thus, are on the look out for new members.

If you want to be a value addition to a smaller team looking to achieve bigger things, contact us through the in-game channel “hush-hush.pub” or contact direct Annabelle Tsero or Jadecougar

BUMP. Great Group of People Here!

I’ve been playing EVE since 2009. I’ve had some amazing CEO’s and been in some great corporations. STGIS is hands down one of the best, We may not have the huge numbers of members, but the quality of the players and the depth of loyalty and friendship to each other is unparalleled. I decided I wanted to learn to FC, Surreptitious Technologies assigned me a top notch mentor FC and immediatley had me taking fleets out (under supervision and gentle guidance). I’ve learned more in the few months I’ve been here than I have in years of playing the game. I’m having fun, enjoying my corp, and excited to be a part of the legend we are creating.


We’re in a good moment for those that enjoy all kinds of pvp as we are a part of an alliance that is currently focused on taking its own sov. This presents us with a variety of content that is exciting and different. There are ups and downs with smaller groups but the progress made together is real and purpose-driven. There’s no better feeling than when you can succeed at bigger things as a smaller group. Join us and let’s work together to punch above our weight and make our voices heard!

Come and be a part of our history in making. Contact Jadecougar#4377 on discord or in game for more info.

The fight for sov!

We are currently fighting on several fronts right now as we continue the work for our own territory in Cloud Ring. If you like pvp, there’s plenty of options here with several regions nearby. We are looking for good pilots that want something a little different from their EVE experience than they get elsewhere. We are still small but we are aggressively aiming to improve and grow.

I don’t just pvp. Can’t I rat or mine?

Yes, of course. In the sov game, both ratting and mining are crucial to keep those value ADMs at as high of a level as possible. Your ratting and mining helps greatly in that regard. So for you, pvp pilot, what do you have to lose? There’s fights to be had. There’s ISK to be made. Everything your do matters and has a purpose.

Join Surreptitious Technologies today! Contact Jadecougar#4377 on discord or in game for more info.

We are absolutely crushing it! Become a part of tomorrow’s story and today’s future!

We’re are a small, but determined group that is organizing itself into a group focused around pvp. Right now, much of the activities revolve around the building of recently taken sov space, but we do fleets for pvp, ADMs, mining, etc. Now is a good time to jump in and be a part of the journey from the get-go here in Cloud Ring. Our space is well situated for all activities in the game, whether it be pvp, pve, mining, exploration, or production, we have a lot to offer.

How can you benefit the corp?

Be an active part of our fleets and help keep the space secure. Your active presence in the team directly benefits the whole corp and alliance as a whole. Come and be a part of something new and special!

Time to get stuck in friends! Cloud Ring is a great location for pvp, pve, industrial, whatever floats your boat!

We are looking for people that will fleet up when called upon and be a part of our community.
Team player PVP pilots preferred. Whatever you do to make your isk, you can bring them in too.
If you want to step away from the large groups where you feel like a random, then step into an up-and-coming alliance that is creating its story as part of a journey where each person is valued and can play a role.

Join us today!

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If you know, you know! SMASHING SYSTEMS!

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Cloud Ring is a hot bed for pvp as of late.
If you like the smaller gang experience and enjoy the live “chessboard” of action, we are a good choice. Plenty of targets to scuffle with. Our fleets are diverse with so-related, home defense, and roaming fleets. It’s a good time to get in on it all.

Also, if you’re a miner, do PI, or enjoy PVE, we have a really good platform for you to do your thing while contributing to the goals and objectives of this corp and alliance! With buybacks and projects that you can work with others towards, we’re an interesting choice for those wanting something different than your large blocs.

Check us out and join hush-hush.pub in game for more information

Here we go. We are at a point where we need several types of members. The alliance is growing. So is this corp but we continue to have needs that perhaps YOU can fulfill. Our space in Cloud Ring will give you plenty of fun and engaging content, I have no doubt! Come and join an up-and-coming group that is well organized and goal focused.

Looking for PvP pilots.

  • 5 million SP minimum.
  • Should have some experience in the game.
  • Should be willing to skill into stealth bombers, recons, or Black Ops battleships, pending existing skills

Looking for (serious) team-oriented miners

  • No rorquals I’m afraid
  • hulk pilots preferred but not required
  • Porpoise / orca boosts are a bonus but not required

Looking for insane PI members

  • many buyback possibilities for your PI outputs for our various projects
  • if you are one of the ones who knows what you’re doing with this, you’ll know what returns you can get from our buybacks and significantly help our projects progress.

Join us today!


Very interesting opportunities in Cloud Ring. Don’t miss out!
Looking for (skilled) Miners, PI, PVE pilots.

PVP pilots are always welcome!

Wanna shoot spaceships? How about space stations? Or maybe you want to shoot space rocks? And, if you like,… shoot the shiz with an awesome group of pod jockey space nerds? We are your people then! Join us!!!

Been having a lot of fun in cloud ring.

Looking for every kind of player. Shadow Ultimatum has a home for you!

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