Euro tz pvper looking for corp

Right, a little about me first then.
130 ish million skillpoints.
euro tz
Has a working mic (doesnt everyone these days?)
Can play most evenings.

Looking for a small fun corp that likes quick and easy pvp and no f1 braindead stuff.
No high sec wars with a ton of neutral alts please.

Small euros group here, based in npc space so we can avoid the sov politics/blobs/tidis and whatever else comes with that.


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Want to come win a war? Find me on discord rangerwolfy#4987

Come chat with us!


FUN inc is the corp you are looking for!

@rangerwolfy you are probably the worst recruiter on these forums…

“Want to come win a war?” Since when TEST wins wars. LOL

Do you even read these dudes posts ?


@ocsta read all of them come check our killboard out sometime it’s umm better than yours.

btw trolling isn’t allowed on the recruitment posts so go hide in your little corner doing nothing and hope nothing comes your way.

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