EVE classique server

Hello for many years ccp has been doing nothing but nerves .
The rorqual, the career, the super, the trading, the asteroid field and today the ratting ?

Why a classic eve waiter ? when everything was nice played ?
Because in the end pay 3b for a simple dred that makes you kill by only 20 kikimora ? what’s the point ?

this sounds like a player problem that would not be fixed by ccp creating an entirely separate server just for you.

In Minecraft you can rent your own server. Why not let this guy rent a server from CCP?

LOL. Why not say it outright and you just want to be left alone in an MMO like the carebear you are.

nice capital ships … vs kikimora loose 9 … CCP plz open eyes you play you ■■■■■■■ game thx =)

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i dislike the recent changes to the game
i dislike kikimoras to
but eve is a single shard mmo
so imho no

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