EVE Isk Per Hour Industry Program - Version 4.0

Is there a way to exclude items from the IPH calculation? I.e. I mine high-sec a lot, so I am sitting on all the high-sec minerals. I would not need to buy those to manufacture something. Can I exclude the Tritinium and others?

Thank you.

You can remove after you add to the shopping list.

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Build 4.0.7669.37173

  • Updated database and images to December 29 versions.
  • Added Split price download option for update prices that will take the average of the min sell order and max buy order.
  • Users can now save the T2 and T3 calculation types (Advanced, Process, or Raw materials) independently on the Manufacturing and BP tabs.
  • The settings for saving T2 and T3 calculation types were removed from the application settings.
  • Updated all calculations for using reactions in building components to reflect the proper amount of cost in comparison to sold excess items.
  • Unchecking build buy will now show correct calculations when building with reactions (processed or raw).
  • Checking the build/buy toggle check in the Components List will now correctly update the Excess Build Materials list correctly
  • Saving Suppress ESI Status Messages and Share Saved Facilities in application settings will now work correctly.
  • Saving Suppress ESI Status Messages will now suppress 404 errors on public data calls.
  • If users enter two dashes for negative prices, the program will no longer crash when updating prices.
  • Added tool tips to API scopes for describing what each provides access to.
  • Updating default settings on price profiles will now change all prices selected to default for the selected character.
  • Updated packaged ship volumes for Logistics Frigates, Command Destroyers, Force Auxiliary, and Flag Cruisers, which showed unpackaged volumes.
  • Added option in Settings menu to reset the manual checks in the Build/Buy Component Material List to use the program determined options.
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Where can I add BP for new salvage drones and Rapture implants?


The SVRs in the table export under the manufacturing tab seem to differ from the SVRs in the blueprints tab. Is that a real issue or am I understanding it wrong?

Love the program, by the way.

Build 4.0.7679.19895

  • The Advanced and Raw T2/T3 Mat Type options on the Manufacturing Tab will now correctly calculate Advanced and Raw selections.
  • Total production time will now correctly reflect time to build reactions when processed or raw T2/T3 material types are selected.
  • IPH will use built materials even if sell excess build items is unchecked and will also show all excess built materials (but not use in calculations) when selecting List Mats.
  • SVR calcs should be the same when using build/buy on Blueprint Tab.
  • The save and fitting buttons on the facility window will no longer be shown unless a full facility is loaded.
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Is there any way you can add a time calculation to the shopping list? Preferably something showing the build time of each item that increases when you add additionals of that item to the list? Maybe with functionality for extra lines?

Bug Report

When changing characters the facility on the manufacturing list will continue to show what was shown for the first character, but default to what is set for the other character (in this case Jita 4-4, not a good place for most builds).

Additionally, trying to get this to work with my market alt is playing havoc with everything. Needs to break out manufacturing character from procuring/selling character and work out broker fees based on market characters standings. Also needs to add an option for offshoring for highest buy order procurement.

BUG Report: I’m pretty sure (at least for components) that the station entry box is not calculating rigs, or increases in ME being put in manually - at leat for medium structures.

Probably a bug: some prices are not updated (but I see orders in market) example: veldspar…

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Is anyone having an issue where the manufacturing list is not close to the pricing as as the blue print tab? An item lists in the manufacturing as 1200. 00 isk negative and the blue print is 1400. positive. It seems that the newest updates have played havoc on my EVE is per hour program.

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Check the T2/T3 mat settings on each for reactions.

Missing the Anbald system from the Metropolis region

It’s in there. Where are you not seeing it? If it’s a facility you are trying to set, you need to select structure and not station since there are no stations in that system.

found it under structure, but there is no pend insurance, could be wrong pretty sure there are stations. https://evemaps.dotlan.net/system/Anbald

You can’t manufacture in those stations afaik.

ok, thank you for clarifying that, sorry for taking up your time. BTW love your program, prevents me from wasting my limited time in eve building negative isk items.

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Clarification of bugs: The base station propagates through the first time you save it, but changing the base station does not change the station on the other tabs. This means that subtabs can remain set to Jita. The answer is to have a propagate check box of some time.

Drove me nuts trying to figure out why two characters were showing different IPH despite being set to the same base station.

Build 4.0.7692.40051

  • Updated to Jan 19 Database and Images
  • Double clicking from the Manufacturing tab will now set the T2/T3 mat type selected to the BP tab.
  • Fixed error that would incorrectly remove materials and display incorrect quantities for built components when using Processed or Raw T2/T3 Materials and multiple blueprints.