EVE Launcher crashing on "Checking GUI Version..."

A new staging build of Wine got available today. So I gave it a shot. Result: Launcher stops with checking GUI :frowning:
Thanks god I have made a copy of the “EVE” folder before… so fixing this was just renaming the backup folder :slight_smile: and skipping the launcher update.

Anybody has more success with this?

Just confirming like others have already done that this Wine patch: https://source.winehq.org/patches/data/199525 fixes the launcher.

I am now running wine-staging 6.2-1 with the above patch, and the launcher is not causing any trouble.

For anyone on Arch who needs instructions on how to patch wine here’s the basics:

  1. Install the arch source tool: pacman -S asp
  2. Go to an empty directory
  3. Download wine PKGBUILD and associated files: asp checkout wine-staging
  4. Open the PKGBUILD file in an editor
  5. Add the patch file to the end of the sources list (replace lines 14-18 with the below):
  1. Add the following on line 131 (after the wine-staging patches section):
  # apply custom patch 199525 to fix EVE Online launcher issue
  pushd $srcdir/$pkgname
  patch --forward --strip=1 --input="../../199525"
  1. Build and install with makepkg -sri
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