EVE Launcher crashing on "Checking GUI Version..."

A new staging build of Wine got available today. So I gave it a shot. Result: Launcher stops with checking GUI :frowning:
Thanks god I have made a copy of the “EVE” folder before… so fixing this was just renaming the backup folder :slight_smile: and skipping the launcher update.

Anybody has more success with this?

Just confirming like others have already done that this Wine patch: https://source.winehq.org/patches/data/199525 fixes the launcher.

I am now running wine-staging 6.2-1 with the above patch, and the launcher is not causing any trouble.

For anyone on Arch who needs instructions on how to patch wine here’s the basics:

  1. Install the arch source tool: pacman -S asp
  2. Go to an empty directory
  3. Download wine PKGBUILD and associated files: asp checkout wine-staging
  4. Open the PKGBUILD file in an editor
  5. Add the patch file to the end of the sources list (replace lines 14-18 with the below):
  1. Add the following on line 131 (after the wine-staging patches section):
  # apply custom patch 199525 to fix EVE Online launcher issue
  pushd $srcdir/$pkgname
  patch --forward --strip=1 --input="../../199525"
  1. Build and install with makepkg -sri
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There is a new wine staging for debian testing (6.3-bullseye - or something like that). Did anyone test that version yet?

Yes, I tried it. No joy.

The fix did not go into 6.3.

WineHQ Patches List shows that the fix, patch ID 199525, failed a Testbot test. The Testbot log shows that the git apply to apply the patch failed. I don’t quite understand why it failed, but it looks like it might be a file permission issue.

Disappointing. But thank you for the feedback.

Just a quick heads-up: the 199525 patch has been re-submitted as 201119. As of this post timestamp, it lists as “New”.
This being said, the launcher (and client) work just fine under Steam with he latest Proton.

Unfortunately today’s launcher is still not working with current wine staging on my Ubuntu Linux. However, the patch is now in status “superseded” (was “test failure” previously), so I hope the next wine staging release will have the issue fixed.

It has now passed the tests. Might be a will before it make it into a even a dev release. It hasn’t even been merged into git yet.


I want to rectify my previous post, I’m still using wine 5.7.x, changing to wine 6.0 does not crash but the launcher is a no go.

If you are on Ubuntu or other distro that has Lutris, go for it, waaaaaaaaaaay easier.

Also DXVK 1.7 working nice.

I’m using Lutris wine so far, no issues.

As of today, patch 201119 (search in page there’s no direct link) hasn’t still got assigned to a dev for review …

Patch 201119 is now shown as “Committed” on the Wine Patches Page.

Since (i) Wine 6.4 is not yet released, (ii) release cadence seems to be about two weeks and (iii) Wine 6.3 was released 26 Feb 2021, it seems reasonable to hope that Wine 6.4 will include the patch and will be released Soon ™.

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Hi, this is now officially committed into the repository of Wine.

See: WineHQ Bugzilla – Bug 49531 – Multiple Qt5 applications spam the console continuously with 'fixme:netprofm:connection_GetAdapterId' ('INetworkConnection::GetAdapter' returns incorrect adapter GUID)(Futubull 10.x, Melodics V2, Topaz Video Enhance AI 1.x)


Wine 6.4 is released, but Ubuntu binary I need is not yet up.

Good news!
Wine 6.4-staging fixes two issues.
The new version of the launcher no longer crashes.
The texture problems with wine6.1 - wine6.3 are gone, your ships and stations are now in their original glory.


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it’s up in the ppa winehq and working (just tested)

Thanks! I updated to Wine 6.4 from the WineHQ ppa for Ubuntu bionic.

Alas, the launcher is still crashing for me. 8-(

I can confirm, today’s launcher is working fine with Ubuntu 20.04 and wine-6.4 (Staging).
Praise the wine developers!

Yep. 6.4 works. But I’m getting 15 frames per second with a GTX 960. Currently using Eve anywhere the browser thing and getting 62 frames per second with that.

Unless you want to stick with EVE anywhere, try to switch to DX 9 in the EVE launcher. This might double your frame rate.

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It took me a month to get it working, but will I break it again?
Is it really necessary to update the launcher by CCP until it causes inconvenience?
How long should I wait this time?
I’m tired

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