EVE-O Preview v5.0.1 "Fua Was Wrong" (multi-client preview / switcher) [ 2020-06-01 ]


I managed to configure eve-o, I had trouble because I speak and understand English poorly but by touching all the buttons it worked :sweat_smile:

thank you.

There is no problem with it. We’ll try to help you anyway.

Good that you have it working now.

Fly safe!

Just started using Eve-O Preview and noticed something weird.
Lets say i have 6 clients running, i only want to show the preview for 4 of them, so i go in a tick the box for the other two on the “Active Clients” tab and the previews disappear.
So far so good.
When i come back tomorrow and open Eve/Eve-O, the names of the those two clients are sitting in “mid air” on one of my monitors. Like the window the shows the preview with the name, but there is no preview image, just the name of the client.
If i go back into the Active Clients tab i can untick them and the preview shows exactly where the text is sitting. If i retick them they disappear completely until the next time i close and reopen the program.


@Vem_en_Tilavine This is certainly a bug with overlays still displayed for disabled previews. Logged it for further investigation

I am considering this app. I was just pointed to it from another thread.
My main characters are played on a laptop that has a 17" screen. Do these previews take up a lot of space, or can I put them all on a second screen and they maximize to my main screen?
When I click on another account, does it auto minimize the account I was just on?

It’s configurable. Both of that.

Changing window state is strictly not recommended. Else switching windows take more time/CPU power, may cause stutters and best of all, minimized clients won’t update their previews.

That’s exactly the way I am using EVE-O Preview myself. Previews are on the secondary display, while the game itself maximizes on the main one.

It CAN minimize the client you left. However there is a price for it:
a) Minimized client’s preview won’t update
b) It will take a bit more time to switch back to that client

I am running into something weird after using EVE-O for quite a while multiboxing my logi in incursions.

Today i started eve and eve-o and for some reason it wouldn’t switch clients. It would show both thumbnails, but no matter what i did, only 1 client would be shown active. I could see the active window switching on the taskbar, but i could not see that window.

After some trial and error i have not found anything that fixes this except the minimizing of the inactive client. If i turn that on, the clients swap.

I reinstalled eve-o, but that didn’t help either

If i have eve-o on and thumbnaisl on a second screen i cannot even reliably swap by using the windows taskbar. Turning eve-o off means i can swap reliably with the taskbar

So haven’t used EVE-O Preview since I got this monitor, but it appears that EVE-O Preview doesn’t work with ultrawides? The actual popup with the settings and everything showup, but the thumbnails are nowhere to be found on either my main monitor (5120 x 1440) or my secondary monitor (1920 x 1080p) :frowning:

For sure they are there somewhere. Could you drop me your configuration file (via eve mail)?

Do you use any screen management software like DisplayFusion?

This is in fact quite a good program and a life saver with isboxer not working this week.
I just have 2 questions 1 for Phrynohyas and one for anyone that knows.

In 2017 someone asked for the ability to have some of the preview windows different sizes.
Should I presume that because this has not been implemented in the last 3 years it’s a little harder to put in and it’s on the back burner or is it something, you’re still looking at doing?

The second question and probably the most important one, What was Fua wrong about?

Where would I find the config file?

To add further detail here. When I already have eve clients open and open Eve-O Preview, the thumbnails appear for a moment stacked on each other, then disappear.

I do use Multiplicity. I just unloaded it and restarted Eve-O Preview, and I’m getting some results now. A single window (of the 5 I should have with clients open) pops up, and is usable. But I still can’t find any of the others :frowning:

Really appreciate the quick response too, did not expect that haha.

Next to the .exe file. It is called EVE-O Preview.json
At first please double-check that your clients are running in Windowed or Fixed Window mode, not in Fullscreen mode.

It is on the plan. As usual, some features that were barely possible to be implemented several years ago are now possible because now there is internal infrastructure required for them.
There’s a lot of stuff planned for the 6.x versions family.

let’s keep this a secret :wink:

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From GitHub

Okay, close this, it seems to be caused by displayfusion all of a sudden. Turning that off means it now works as expected

3rd party software incompatibility

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Hello @Phrynohyas_Tig-Rah and thanks for your awesome program!

I’m having an issue with EVE-O Preview not remembering client locations when I have “Track Client Locations” selected. Is there any issue where I need to have the clients in place prior to checking this?

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Please try this:

  1. Enable option “Track client locations”
  2. Make sure that “Disable inactive EVE clients” is not enabled
  3. Place EVE client windows as you need them to be
  4. Toggle option “Minimize to System Tray” on and back off to make sure that configuration is written down to the file


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Thanks for the hasty response! I’ll try it this evening and let you know how it goes.

Hey @Phrynohyas_Tig-Rah

As above, thanks for the awesome software.

I’ve recently come back to EVE and have updated to the latest version. I cannot seem to get the previews to show ingame. With my clients minimised, I see the previews but the screens are locked on images (no longer showing active previews). With a maximised client i don’t see anything.

Is there a workaround?



At first check you client Display Mode settings - should be Fixed Window or Window, not Fullscreen
Also make sure that the option ‘Previews always on top’ is enabled

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Top man, easy fix! Thanks for the quick response.

Is your ingame name the same as your forum username? I owe you a few cans of Quafe!