[EVENT] L'Amore Yule Ball

I would like to officially announce that the annual Yule Ball at L’Amore in Ballo will take place on Saturday, 12th December at 1900 NEST. The dress code is formal for this event, but dress uniforms are acceptable.

As usual, food and a special cocktail concocted just for the event will be on the house.

I’m afraid there will be no costume contest, but everyone who comes will be entered in a contest to win a door prize (TBA).

Hope to see you there!


Bump! :slight_smile:

I think I can safely say there’s a segment of the forum that are too terrified of the answer to properly form the question, but…

What kind of door could we win? :smirk:

An expensive one.

I could use a fancy door.

Number 3. Everyone wants door number 3.

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So true.

I don’t get it. What’s “door number 3” a euphemism for?

GalNet game shows.