introduce ship fatigue on amount of gate jumps, or just age (like cars in RL), ships will need to then be replaced by being made by industrialists or bought off the market with money aquired from killing all those sancha incursions and rogue pirate strongholds…

Someone has been playing a little Fallout 76 I see…

We don’t need to introduce artificial ship loss, we have PvP.

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As Salt said, we have PVP.

Forcing ships to just break is dumb and anticlimactic. When my ■■■■ dies, I want it to go out with a bang.

Your changes do nothing but reduce the potential for conflict by making it more expensive to actually use your ships.

valid opinions… just different

no idea what fallout 76 is!

We agree on something. How the **** did that happen.

Just kidding Salt, it is nice to find us on the same side of some debate for once.



That’s nothing… one time I actually felt compelled to like one of Dryson’s posts. I was very confused.

I haven’t seen him in awhile, not that im missing him. mind you. But yes that sounds scary and confusing.

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I think he is that Balos guy!

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