EvEPANDORA - Final Beta Phase 1 launched

Good evening,

evepandora.com has entered Public Beta Phase 1 testing, part 1 of 4 Final Beta phases before being publicly released for full availability to create your own campaigns and missions.

The PANDORA AGENCY has been around in one form or another since around 2006. In that time, it was more of a combat system for members of T.R.I.A.D only to recognise kills and allowing for the placement of bounties on players - all through a PHP driven website. Rewards were given to T.R.I.A.D Corporation members for killing enemies or claiming bounties.

By 2008, a new version of the website was built - giving the ability for any citizen of New Eden to run missions for T.R.I.A.D. This was hugely successful and was THE FIRST AND ONLY public player-driven missioning system in EvE Online. This was well received by its users and saw itself in the news spotlight on several occasions.

EON magazine, a quarterly magazine for all goings-on in EvE Online also published an interview regarding the T.R.I.A.D Agency system in issue #023.

In 2014 V3 of the Agency system was built and evepandora.com was launched, bringing a huge change to how the agency worked overall. Other corporations and alliances were now able to implement their own missions and give their own rewards to the citizens of EvE for taking part. Soon, alliances were able to launch full scale campaigns, enemies were able to create their own counter-campaigns also offering rewards. The idea was to build a system so that leadership of alliances and corporations could build events and campaigns to drive the lore and their own backstory forwards.

One of the most popular campaigns titled INTO THE ABYSS was aimed at taking the fight into Amarr and Jita itself with large rewards for those taking part. This had a huge story arc which was unlocked depending on the outcome. It involved many encrypted campaigns which interlinked and auto-generated based upon other campaign outcomes. However, it was in mid 2018 that PANDORA went offline due to unseen circumstances - shortly after ‘INTO THE ABYSS’ became the next big expansion to EvE Online.

Today, you are looking at V4 - a much smoother experience of all the nuts and bolts of V3, but with the addition of member statistics, standings gains and losses for mission running and campaigns and a much simpler campaign and mission implementation experience for users.

Corporation and Alliance leaders are now also able to add their own news reports for the public to see. We recommend reading the FAQ section on our About page.

The Admin team is off on a much needed 1-week break. Until then, we have the 4 campaigns running over a 2 week period. Phase 2 will kick in after, at which point you will be able to create your own campaigns and missions for yourself, your corporation or you alliance.

A mobile/tablet friendly version will be available in the near future.

We wish to thank all those who have taken part in beta testing over the past 10 or so months. It’s been a mega journey.

All campaigns created as of this point onwards will remain live and will not be deleted. We are go in the lead up to full public ability for campaign and mission generation.

More soon!



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Well this looks interesting. Keeping tabs on this one for sure.