Ever wanted to live in a Wormhole? Join Now! Operators are standing by

Subject: Join Laddexperten: A New Frontier in New Eden!

Greetings, Capsuleers!

Ready to explore New Eden with a new Corporation? Join Laddexperten and shape our new community in Wormhole space, Hi-Sec operations, and Industry. With members in Europe and the USA, you’ll always have allies online.

Why Join Us?

:milky_way: Wormhole Adventures: Thrilling PVP and lucrative PVE in Wormhole space.
:cityscape: Hi-Sec Operations: Mission running, security ops, and resource gathering.
:building_construction: Industrial Prowess: Build our industrial base with mining and manufacturing.
:wrench: Supportive Community: Experienced members ready to guide and support.
:books: Training Programs: Learn wormhole survival and industrial techniques.
:globe_with_meridians: Active Discord: Connect with our community for operations and friendships.
:shield: Security and Prosperity: Prioritizing member safety and success.
:earth_africa: Global Presence: Members in Europe and the USA ensure allies are always online.
:rocket: Opportunities for Growth: Shape your destiny and build a legacy with us.

How to Apply:

Contact our in-game recruiters: Aya Maiev (North America), Grettir Orlenard (EU)

Prepare your ship and set course for adventure with Laddexperten. The stars are calling, and your journey is just beginning.

Fly safe, Capsuleer.

Aya Maiev
Laddexperten Recruitment Officer

You didn’t say what class wormhole with which statics and which System buff.

We are in a C2 WH, no environments affects to the system. Our focus is growing the corp and teaching what the J Space living is like.