EVEs early demise might be your fault

I am worth like 19bil in hard assets. I don’t even know how much my (decent) abyssal rolls are worth. I always thought about 2-4bil.

Depends on the perspective. I make about 3.2bil a month. I spend the rest on stupid things (rolling more abyssals :sweat_smile:) Along with fancy modules and ships.

If you can make enough ISK for 500 plex and have ISK to have fun with I think you are EVE lower class. (My current class)

If you can start bulk plexing (one/multiple accounts) you are EVE upperclass and “rich”

But again all subjective :sweat_smile:


@Wesfahrn 1B is poor. 100B is less poor. 1 trillion isn’t so rich. 100 trillions is richer.

Noone really needs more than 1 Billion isk anyway as having more isk just gets you into trouble with the Code.


Hell no. 500b is rich enough, 1T is rich. More than that and you realize there is no point in having isk anyway. You can fund tax farms for the small group who have all power or just be a broke F1 monkey. The path of player growth ends in F1 monkey either way.

nah … there is live outside of nullsec blocs :wink:

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My net worth is 100bil and i’m poor AF

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I don’t even know how much I’m worth because it’s in several characters and lots in assets. No idea, don’t care. I don’t grind, I don’t PVE because I have to, the PVE I do I enjoy and is chill for when I WANT to chill, my expenses are pvp ships and spending isk on newbies (not that that’s a lot) and since I make more than I spend it’s all good.

Gadget initially spent the first few years ISK space poor as she kept rolling any profits into new BPOs.

–Gadget remembers the hard - but kinda fun - times

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At the end of the day, what matters is not what ISK one has but what one is doing with it. 100bn ISK is useless and wasted if it is just sitting there in a big ‘look how many ISK I’ve got’ pile that never does anything. The real ‘worth’ in the game is activity, and in that respect many people with just 1bn are probably worth more than some with 100bn.

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TBH, It’s a personal pastime for everyone, with everyone having different goals.

I’m absolutely sure some people’s goals of ‘having fun’ is making that ISK number go up, like a high score.

–Gadget is happy with infinite lives


I feel you, sister.

An expensive and time consuming pastime, for sure. Some of my BPOs took near two years and many billions of ISKies to fully research.

This, for example:

Long Haul

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


May we ask you if you had mined all of the components yourself or purchased a large proportion?

Does over 4 billion in skins mean I am rich?

I bought a mining character once.

Sold him three weeks later.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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1B < 2B. Is 2B considered a big number? A player with 2B in PLEX and a player with 2B in Venture SKINS are two very different players :slight_smile:

What about 1 B, or 10 B, 100 B?
1 T?
10 T?

Why even to have so much ISK, I have many ships I flied once, and I dont even use them anymore. I am giving ships away for free for some players I know that do stuff with me.

I think you are not EVE rich if you dont give more than 10 B of stuff to other people for free.

I would argue that what matters is not how much ISK you ‘have’, but how much ISK worth you have destroyed or taken part in destroying. Having a trillion ISK is meaningless if it is not actually doing anything. It is the cycle of destruction that actually keeps the Eve economy going…without which all those wealthy haulers and industrialists would not have a business.


I think this was said in a previous post or in an article somewhere but 1b is a lot if all you do is fly 5m frigates, its really relative based on how much you have compared to how much you spend.

But the real indication of “rich” is how fast you can make your money back and bounce back from a hard hit

1b to your name only makes you certified space-poor

This, right here.

I’d say, in EvE, rich is very subjective. A pilot with 1 million isk, but is absolutely having a blast and enjoying the game is more rich than a player with 1 trillion isk that hates the game and grumbles on the forums about how awful it is.