EVEs early demise might be your fault

Whenever someone raises an issue or makes a suggestion the replies are almost always explaining how OP is wrong and how there is no problem. Whats worse is that commenters also spreads narratives that EVE is a type of game nobody is interested in playing. This behavior contributes to issues not being fixed and CCP not even trying when developing new content for the game and the early demise becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.


“more than 1B” could mean anything, I’d rephrase the question to get better answers.

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When you first start Eve…1m seems like a lot. Then within a few weeks 100m seems like a lot. Then 1bn…10bn…and so on.

I’m at the 100bn seems a lot and 10bn is about average…sort of stage. But there are those for whom 10bn is peanuts and some for whom even 100bn is not a huge amount.

This char is worth about 11bn ( about 8.5bn in ships, 1.5bn in ISK, and 1bn in odds and ends ). I do not consider myself rich.

All together, I’m around 100b, and I’d consider myself space middle class. I know how to make isk, I just don’t have a whole lot of time to devote to it and grind. I know ways to make lots of isk, but I haven’t had the opportunity to implement them yet.

Ultimately, knowledge is more valuable than isk. Take three guys with zero money and give them ten million isk.

The newest one buys a Venture and starts mining belts in highsec. Or he gets a hauler and tries selling ammo or cheap modules somewhere. Or tries manufacturing.
The more experienced guy buys an explo frigate and starts running relic sites in Amarr space, then nullsec and wormholes. Or he gets a Venture and mines the valuable gas. Or he starts looking for easy frigate officer spawns in belts and runs low-level DEDs. Maybe he joins FW and farms.
The vet sits in Jita and begs for money. Or he gets a cheap ship, kills some rogue drones, then sits on a gate with trigs to scoop loot. Or he sits in Jita and scams. Or he socially engineers his way into a corp that doesn’t know better and takes everything not nailed down when the opportunity presents itself. Or he… ect


I know players who have a mountain of PLEX, upwards of like 66,000 which is trillions in ISK value.

Buy Plex every so often, keep a low profile, train your character then come out with both six shooters blazing.


The real wallet are the friends you make along the way


1 billion isk is all it ever costs.

1B? no way, you are space rich from the moment you’re able to get at least 100B liquid isk almost immediatly, from a loan, by selling your PLEX or from your wallet. Need a loan?

That’s exactly what my new Omega is doing. Lying low while I PLEX massive skills. Should be ready for some real carnage by September.

I too am have a bun in the oven!

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This is what I’m worth today:


Do I feel rich? Not so much.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


More than 1 billion what? Ships?

With 1B ISK in your wallet you could afford buying some (or many) of the cheaper ships.

However, a well-fit T3 cruiser or T2 battleship is already too expensive for you, good implant sets also too expensive, and you would have to make 1B many times over to afford one of the cheaper capital ships, let alone supers.

I mean, I’d be happy if my wallet increased by 1B, but it doesn’t make someone ‘rich’ in EVE.

To consider someone rich, I would start a factor 1000 higher, at people who can spend a trillion ISK. The kind of people that can afford a faction titan, or AT ship collection.

You could have paid for the entire Parabellum / Finanar war 3 times over. I think that qualifies as rich.

To be fair, I’ve only ever held enough to buy a rorqual and a fleet carrier. I really didn’t do alot of isk making in my time in nullsec and didn’t have second alt for the majority of it. Lost the rorqual the 3rd day and Just didn’t have enough for enough fighters to defend myself.

Maybe in another 5 years when I get past art school and get myself out of the debt hole this new covid-recession era has put us in I’ll be able to make heaps again.

I’ve been playing for 4 years now and have yet to break 5 bil mark!

Imma space poor. But I still enjoy the game.

Guess it goes to show that isk isn’t the end all if you don’t want it to be.


I read on here that some pilots would give away 1B if once they reach 2 billion isk…


I am glad that you can see the light at the end of the stargate that isk is not the end game.

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Indeed. The end game is not ISK.

The end game is...

Other people’s ISK.



It costs almost 2B per month for Omega clone. So if you can fly a battleship for a month are you rich? I guess

I thought so, when I first had my wallet over 1B. :wink: