Are Eve Players Actually This Shallow?

I was in Dodixie local chat and bore witness to the following;

Player 1: Can anyone tell a poor boy like me a good ship to buy for 500K ISK?
Player 2: You can get free ships from the career missions. The Corax and Cormorant sell for 1.2 million but they are free from the career agents.

Player 1 never responded although I peeked at their info, almost 2 years in the game and asking a new player question like that one. I figure they are thick headed and have no idea what they are doing, or they are begging for ISK in a more subtle manner.

Kudos to Player 2 for giving them a proper response. Remember give a man a fish and he will eat for the day. Teach the man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.

If there are any uninformed players reading this thread; One can do the career agent missions and obtain about 10 free ships. Since you can repeat them 12 times, this is well over 100 ships for free, plus millions in ISK, and other items.

Making Mountains of Molehills (9 of 10)
You can earn 2 million ISK by ignoring the assistant shooting at you.
He is a poor shot, while he misses the shields on your Venture will have time
to recover. I never fall below 70% all the time mining the sector.
Make two trips if you need to, but leave him alone until you mined ALL the
ore. Taking him out will finish the mission and any hope to mine the whole

Cash Flow for Capsuleers is ten combat quests for ISK. Be sure you loot all
the ships you destroy. Even the scrap has its value. Should you run short on
cargo space return to dock, unload, and warp back. The ships will not respawn
unless you have logged off for some length of time.

Soldier of Fortune quests Angel of Mercy (2 of 10) and The Stand (5 of 10) gift
you a ship meant to be destroyed. Insure the ship at platinum level and collect
when they are destroyed for more ISK.

Doing ALL 45 tasks at one of the 12 sites will result in the following;

Ships obtained - 2 Fast Haulers, 2 Ventures, Destroyer, Combat Frigate, Exploration Frigate, and 2 other Frigates.
2 Miner I (mining laser)
4 1MN Afterburner I
3 Expanded Cargohold I
4 Overdrive Injector System I
1 Limited Social Adaption Chip
1 Limited Ocular Filter Chip
1 Civilian Warp Disrupter
1 Civilian Remote Armor Repair or Shield Transporter
1 Civilian Weapon (faction based)
3 Tech I weapon and ammo (faction based)
1 Small Armor Repairer I
1 Civilian Stasis Webifier
1 Stasis Webifier I
Over 5,000 Kernite mined on Making Mountains Out of Mole Hills #9 Production Assistant
Over 5,000,000 ISK paid

Conoban VII – Moon 8 – Hedion University
Deepari II – Imperial Academy
Pasha VII – Moon 3 – Royal Amarr Institute School

Akiainavas III – School of Applied Knowledge
Jouvulen III – Science and Trade Institute School
Uitra VI – Moon 4 – State War Academy

Clellinon VI – Moon 11 – Center for Advanced Studies School
Couster II – Moon 1 – Federal Navy Academy
Trossere VII – Moon 3 – University of Caille

Embod IV – Moon 10 – Pator Tech School
Hadaugago II – Moon 1 – Republic Military School
Malukker I – Republic University

Fly safe! o7


That player could have quit 3 days after creation and just reinstalled the game again an hour ago. Character age in and of itself means very little, in more ways than one.


Not only is character age not very relevant, that player 1 didn’t seem to be begging for ships, he was asking for information about which cheap ship to buy. And he got a response that was not an answer to his question.

A simple ‘Venture, Imicus or Tristan in case you want to mine, explore or fight’ would’ve sufficed.



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I would be the first to agree with your assessment but “Player 1” has a standing which means they have played. My account is about 10 months old and I still have less than 1 on standing. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out they have been playing higher level missions or ganking to get a standing rating. They were negative by the way, which meant he has been out for some time.

@Gerard_Amatin (see above) Venture? My inexpensive ventures are 2.4 Million once I have them fitted. Sure you can buy a Venture for 250,000 so he could get 2 and start mining. But somehow I don’t think he was looking to mine. Pretty much the Tristan and Imicus are utility ships, I guess you could fit a Tristan up as a drone fighter against NPC’s but no good for PvP or abyssal space.

As I said, until I looked at his info, I wasn’t sure if he was begging, trolling, or just ignorant.

@Aiko_Danuja I know, we look at millions as drops in the vast ocean of ISK, but new players millions is a great start to those simple tasks. The career agents will get them up and running.

@Xuxe_Xu lol thanks for the affirmation.

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Its quite obvious you have very little understanding of the game. Perhaps refrain from making statements and posing them as facts.

How about no. I didn’t tell you to STFU, but I must say that was a polite way you said it.

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Seems you can’t read either. Enjoy the attention.

Based on Aisha’s responses, you pretty much have your answer… :wink:

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Despite the usual posted reply’s, I agree with the OP…


You can also get a “rare” civilian shuttle, I sold one for 10 million in a contract.

The only problem is that you cant finish the mission where you are supposed to hand it in, but never mind about that

I have noticed the shuttle cannot be found in the market to just purchase and auto complete the mission as with the booster caps and afterburners. It is amazing people would want it for 10 million but it is their right to pay as much as they desire to obtain it. If I did pay 10 million for a rare ship, I wouldn’t want to be caught cruising around in null sec in that ship. :wink:

As the gankers say, Build a man a fire, and he will be warm for a day. Set a man on fire, and he will be warm for the rest of his life!

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After 3 weeks I almost saved up 800k whats a good ship to buy with that that I can put mining lasers? I’m going to start mining to pay my sub.


Venture is the best mining ship until you can get until you can fly a barge. If you do the beginner career quests, you will get a free venture (along with other free frigates and even a destroyer).


@Aiko_Danuja but @Dr_Why could do the career missions and get the Catalyst for free. :thinking: I don’t recall which set of 10 missions provides the destroyer, but it is either the Enforcer or the Soldier of Fortune.

Not to be critical of your play methods Doctor, but what have you been doing for last year? Since you joined February 2022, are we to assume you had some issues and couldn’t play at all?

I personally did the tutorial only once and unless it changed any, it still sucks ass. They dump you out at AIR labs and don’t really point you at the career agents. But if I recall correctly, they do recommend the nearest agent. You should be swimming in millions of ISK in the first day. I know the seasoned players don’t consider millions of ISK all that much, but many forget what it was like for them on their first month playing. After the first month one should be able to save up the needed 5 billion ISK and buy 1000 Plex on the market.

As for PvP ships you might want to focus on skill training first. The “best ship” isn’t going to help, if you don’t have the skill sets. As @T_Elliot stated the Venture is about the only alpha ship used for mining ores. However I have seen people attempt AFK mining in high sec with massive haulers. If you have to work or attend classes, you place the hauler in a high sec belt, and hope it is still there when you return. Unfortunately they never procure enough ore to pay for their cost.

The Venture runs 250K to 300K and you will need 2 mining lasers, shields and / or shield extenders, etc. to get going. With my fit in low sec, one can mine 4 million ISK worth of ore in 14 minutes. This means you will be putting in well over 300 hours of time to get 5 billion. At some point you will need to alter your mining source. Some players say to kill and loot in Abyssal Space others claim Wormhole hunting and Gas mining is the key.

I have a $20,000 k*llmail to my name. It wasnt me, lol.

Local is for taunting people.