Are Eve Players Actually This Shallow?

Yeah I agree some Pilots can say such hurtful things in local.

The catalyst is the best for pvp not mining cause you can put 1 of every weapon on it including long and short range so your prepared for anything. I think the Hyperion is best for mining enough to pay for account but I’m going to have to do alot more mining to afford them.

A brand new player is somebody who doesn’t know anything about the game.

On the first day they’re still getting familiar with the User Interface, as well as the various equipment, game mechanics and game content. There’s a lot of stuff for them to figure out and remember so they’re not going to be swimming in millions of ISK on their first day.

As for saving up 5 bill ISK in their first month, that’s highly doubtful due to a ton of skills and equipment they need to buy just to adequately play this game. They may be able to do that after they become familiar with the game in a few months of playing.

Also most people have other things happening in real life, they can’t spend 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week playing this game. Most probably just have a few hrs available to play…


@DeMichael_Crimson you omitted the prior part of that paragraph which says;

I made millions once I started doing the career agents. Most career agent missions give you 250K + more to complete the job in 4 to 6 hours. If they don’t give you ISK you get free ships and parts. I ran the tutorial and then ended up looking at YouTube for the rest. Most people could skip the tutorial and jump straight to YouTube. I do agree the GUI is a mess when you start, but you need to ask around, read forums, join a corp, and lots of YouTube tutorials.

Once again, please read and don’t assume.

After the first month, is what I said, and I also said, it would take over 300 hours of mining just to bust out 5 billion ISK. I never once said “within the first month”. Maybe you can play 10 hours a day but I sure won’t! They will need at least one month to skill train or did you just skim over that part???

The tutorial DOES send you to the career agents, it even gets a bit antsy if you don’t do it.

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@Aisha_Katalen well they must have made changes since I made my characters. As I said, I did the tutorial once and it didn’t really help at all. I ended up putting one character (this one) on skill training and using the others to learn to play the game, mostly using Aceface and Lorumerth videos on YouTube.

I am glad to hear they made some changes for the better.

The depth of shallowness in many Eve players is unfathomable…

…which is why I love this game and can’t leave it, no matter how much I hate it!

sing it, Bono.

:notes:I can’t liiiiive, with or without you, with or WITHOUT YOU, oohhhh:notes:

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