Goals & Success in EVE is Your Responsibility


Again you post comments I 100% agree with. Value and content in the game is entirely self generated…it doesn’t exist as some absolute thing out there. People confuse ‘impact’ with value. My impact on the game may be tiny…but that does not mean I cannot myself see it as epic, in no different a manner to setting off in Oblivion or Skyrim with absolutely nothing yet knowing the huge potential available.

I totally agree that knowledge is way more important than ISK.

Wait, what now. In your other topic you talk about how CCP should give people a 100 hours long adventure, but here you tell the guy that they are responsible to build their own adventure? What is it now? :thinking:


Yes. CCP Should give people paths they can follow. However, ultimately what motivates you in EVE is exclusive to you. The “100 hours of gameplay” would give you a good opportunity for you to find that thing that will get you play for 1,000 hours or far more.


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