What do you think would bring eve into a new golden age

You can institute change when you become Iceland’s president. I’m certain your reign would be remembered as Iceland’s golden age.

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I would assume that you are into seal clubbing then?

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If you get competent people in office or whatever, they will do their thing, but the golden age wont arrive until years later because the momentum needs to build up. Something to think about.

I thought you quiet the game.

EVE has sound?

:smirk: :blush:

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We could all use a little peace and quiet.

Nobody noticed the first time. He really needs to skill up to Level V Game Quitting, and then do the Advanced Game Quitting skills as well as plugging in the cybernetic ‘Going Off In A Huff’ implant which adds a +10 bonus and allows quitting in 10 days rather than 6 months.

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Eve has never remotely pretended to give a ■■■■ about it’s PVE experience. In an MMO market that operates around PVE first and PVP second. Should it really be any surprise it’s numbers are in the toilet?

Eve is a game where you can spend half a year training to run content, grind isk to be able to upgrade into a nice ship, and then promptly lose it all to 15 alpha accounts a player is using to suicide gank.
Congratulations, the ganker will use those modules to pay his sub. The dozen or more people he hit in that time will probably see some significant player turnover.

Keep the pvp in low sec, let people run content in high sec, and the numbers would tick up steadily instead of dropping continuously. It really is that simple. Look at what brought people back in the last decade. PVE content with the promise of being able to do stuff in high sec without getting ganked on gate immediately after. At least to some extent.

End of the day though, if you ever earn your way up to bling you’ll eventually just get suicide ganked by some autist running more than a dozen alpha accounts. Or a corporation that literally makes it’s bones bothering PVE fit ships for a living. Even if you’re travel fit, even if you’re transporting modules with a cloak or a sub second align time, and even if you’re in 1.0 space.

It’s absurd. Has always been absurd. It’s the primary reason I have been subbed maybe two years of the last twenty. I want to like Eve. The game’s systems interest me. I am always left with a bad taste in my mouth at some point and move on to something that’s actually committed to being fun.

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Create a new event involving upgrading of modules using Plasmids.

For every successful upgrade, players would get points towards specialty items from the store, such as Injectors, Skins or blueprints.

Somebody decided to be lazy, and failed to ping d-scan and check local.

You have no one to blame but yourself for your lack situational awareness.

And besides, CCP removed the ability for alpha accounts to change their safeties to red in high sec over a year ago.


Making hisec less profitable, and all of EVE more hostile to individual and small groups, hasn’t made lowsec and nulsec any more inviting.

It never will.

Players will simply leave to find another game that suits their playstyle better. There are probably a lot more choices now than 20 years ago when EVE debuted.

All the things that the remaining players hate and have called for change over the years (and the remaining ones that will be changed in the future), are arguably what lead to the creation of the first “golden age” of EVE.

Those days are gone. Those people are extremely unlikely to ever return to EVE.

Congrats everyone. You have the game you wanted and deserve.

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Highsec has been extremely buffed in income over the years with the addition of Burner Missions, Marauders and Abyssals. And partly EpicArcs which pay quite well if you know how to chain&blitz them. Also recently the Homefront beacons that can easily multiboxed and some groups are farming them like hell. It simply has become way too much for the safety HighSec offers. There are even people that live in Nullsec but grind their ISK with Alts in Highsec for the easypeasy logistic and almost complete safety if you are not overly stupid. The risk-vs-reward-balance is seriously disturbed if you cannot make way more money in Null and Low with the same activities than in High.

The balance between risk vs reward in Highsec has changed to entice new Capsuleers to stay after they first give Eve Online a try and would assume.

You are stupid,right? :slight_smile:

And this is wrong because? Forcing people into low sec where they do not belong and never should be if they do not WANT to pvp is the wrong decision because you only make these people quit.
You cannot force pvp on people who do not want it without losing them…end of story and bottom line…

when you undock you consent to pvp


That still does not mean pvp only or to force a playstle they not want on them,THIS is what drives away people,simply get it.

This had already been established and debated.

You cannot force pvp says Kenny above. We agree with you but it doesn’t change anything as this is how Eve Online works @Kanavaisto_Askiras we decided to undock n a non rookie system.

The Capsuleers that are not forced to log in but when they do, they need to be prepared to face what New Eden is about.

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so was I correct or no?

There needs to be a “space” after the comma. Most 2nd graders know this.

And besides, I’m not the one whining on the forums trying to make EvE online into some safe-space anti-pvp Hello-Kitty hug fest.

Like I said.

Elite Dangerous, solo play is that way —>