Experienced player returning for PVP

As above,

Havent played in nearly 2 years… I have a 25m SP and a 10m SP char, mainly for t3, HAC etc.
Looking to get going again and see what all the updates are about.
Open to high or low sec, only really interested in PVP… have done hauling etc in the past with large involvement in corp operations but not really resubbing for any of that stuff.

Have history in nulli, WI. and a few other big names from back in the day.

26 and from scotland, innapropriate comments as standard!


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Hey there!

All we do is PvP (in lowsec and highsec) + you’d make our 2nd Scot in the corp!

We are quite active for a small corp and have nothing but experienced pilots among us. Plus some great FCs that have come from other top alliances like NCDOT to help with our cause. We have a good infrastructure and have some nice programs for our top killers like a 500 plex reward to the top killer each month.

Here is our KB : http://autism-cartel.com/

Come give us a look!

If you’re looking for inappropriate comments, feel free to read through our corp recruitment post lol

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we are looking for pvp pilots who would like to go live in null sec

ye man im most certainly interested. what do you need me to do to get involved?

Go ahead and send me your full account API w/ no expiry in game and toss in an app. I’ll take a look at it later today when I get home from work. If you’re in a hurry, feel free to reach out to Doctor Blowfin.

Looking forward to hearing from you. o/

Love a good Scotsman! Always nice to have people with thick skin around that won’t get triggered by some jokes :slight_smile:

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Hello Dodge,

Please give us a look see…

We are always looking for a variety of different players and times as we strengthen the content of EVE.

Hope to see ya in space,

Hey Dodge,
I’m from Parroto Social Club. We are a small gang PVP corp. However we are based out of NPC Null. I don’t know if you’ve thought about that or if it’s a non runner.

In case it is, are active in all tzs, especially EUTZ. The beauty of NPC null is that we don’t have sov to entosis or structures to grind. We just log on and have fun. We are looking for active pilots who like to get out and blow up ships. Who are willing to learn from mistakes and to try and get better at the game. Last and by no means least, we are looking for someone we can have a laugh with on comms.

If you are interested in learning more about us let me know or check out the link to our post which has our in game channel on it and some more info about the corp. You are also welcome to join us for a roam if you want to.

Gl with corp search,
trouble gum


I think my corp (Tuskers) could be a good fit for you. We’re a relaxed (no minimum activity levels, no CTAs, fly what you want, when you want etc.) mature solo/small gang PvP corp. We use out of game comms (Slack) to communicate, which makes joining fights even easier - a simple ping means when you do log on, there’s something going on.

Historically, we were a low sec pirate corp, but most of us have found more fun living in a Class 2 Wormhole with a static NS & C5 for PvP & logistics/PvE respectively. We think this wormhole offers the best mixture of logistics & PvP - the direct NS gives us plenty of opportunity for fights (at the moment we are getting about 50-80 kills per day) and the C5 gives us decent logistics.

In terms of organised gangs, we’ve started running Loki gangs:

Our first attempt, we killed two carriers (http://killboard.the-tuskers.com/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=150891 and http://killboard.the-tuskers.com/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=150894) in <30 minutes and managed to get back into our wormhole before the locals collapsed it.
One week later, we took out the same gang killing a carrier + Rorqual this time- http://killboard.the-tuskers.com/?a=kill_related&kll_id=151387
The week after, we killed a Rorqual (http://killboard.the-tuskers.com/?a=kill_related&kll_id=151911) then had to extract as we got dropped by a bunch of supers. Afterwards, we tackled a Pandemic Legion Rorqual and gto driven off by 4 Pandemic Legion Titans & 3 Supercapitals which was fun.
Two Saturdays ago we managed to kill a Rorqual + its sub-cap defensive fleets with minimal losses, despite fighting 3 gangs simultaneously (RR Hyperions, Cruiser Gang, Dread + Rorqual) - http://killboard.the-tuskers.com/?a=kill_related&kll_id=152626.
Later on, we dropped on another Rorqual (see a pattern!) but had to let it go in 20% hull as it recovered with 3 FAXes repping it & 4 supercapitals shooting us. Despite that, we stayed on grid for 40 minutes and dropped quite a few fighters! http://killboard.the-tuskers.com/?a=kill_related&kll_id=152666

We’ve taken many more gangs, most of them impromptu. You can find some Battle Reports in our recruitment ad, as well as more details:

07, Welcome back dude, come have a chat with us in our public channel. Read link below for more info!

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