Experienced PVP'er lookiing for corp/alliance in 0.0

I havenn’t been in 0.0 since 2011. I was a member of Ethereal Dawn long ago. I really don’t want to be a goon (past hostilities) or one of their pets (again I had conflicts in the past) I can fly about everything there is including carriers/dreadnoughts. I have carriers in Caldari space but nowhere to take them to.

Jack has 70M skillpoints and my main alt Cat has 50+ million.

I have no idea how to retrieve the API keys I think they are gone.

I am in the US Eastern Time zone.

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Please come online, let’s have a chat.

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Ok logging Jack on now.

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Come check us out!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WjqHCnwcZLE

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You should consider Aideron Robotics! They are the largest corp within the Federation Uprising alliance, a Nullsec/Lowsec PVP alliance based in Pure Blind. We’re at the head of the Iron Fwedderation coalition, which is a new coalition formed between us, Iron Armada, and Free Range Chikuns. We have a decent sized capital fleet that sees action on the regular.

If you’re interested in learning more, here’s our Discord: http://bit.ly/Fed_UP

I’m sure you’ll get a ton of open invites offering you everything under the sun. That’s cool. If you’d like a path to get into Sniggerdly, the #1 all-time PvP corp, then Total Mayhem is what you’re looking for.

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I am certainly willing to learn. I am not the greatest killer in game history by any measure, but I will always show up with guns blazing.

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Come check us out and give us a chance on how to make Content in eve the way you’d like to play

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Hey bud!

Krypted Gaming is looking for active combat-proficient pilots to join us on our space adventures. We are a community focused on quality over quantity and seek players who value respect, socializing, and enjoying the game.

We are proud members of Triumvirate.

We are looking for players who are,

  • Active. 82% of our players are active daily.
  • Combat focused. Blowing up ships is a part of our daily routine, have a history of PvP.
  • Eager to improve, learn, and grow as a player.

Our playstyle involves,

Outside of EVE Online, we have and numerous IRL meetups in the UK and US and casually blow off steam on other party-style games if we need a breather.

Learn a bit more about us at our website, or check out our killboard.

Want to chat? Drop by our Discord, we usually have someone to chat 24/7.

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Dacian Armada Seeking Corporations :wink:

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We’re online and our isk efficiency for fights is pretty good check some of our previous brs linked in post. I’d be down to speakin with you whether on discord or our pub chat in game.

hope to hear from you and if you find a place in eve o7

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Reach out to me in game or here to learn a little bit more about RCJT.

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If you are interested in joining a corp then check out Federation of Freedom Fighters . We are a PvP first Corp that is looking to expand its USTZ capabilities.

We have a good group of US players and are looking for more PvP pilots to cause chaos for our enemies.

We offer quite a bit for our corp:

SRP (Cap and Subcap)
Competent FCs in all Timezones
Access to 0.0 space
Ability to make isk to fuel your PvP habits
Have a strong Indy core to build whatever ship you need.
Plus a lot more.

If you have questions feel free to contact me in game or join the in game channel F-OFF NOW to speak to a recruiter.


Hey Jack,

Tundragon is Looking for some new Players! We are one of the oldest Corporations in Eve. If you like PvP in Lowsec/0.0 take a look here: TunDragon is Recruiting! - Initiative Mercenaries-

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Still Looking.

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Jack… come check us out!! MDLAB Lounge in game chat!

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Proud member of TEST offering all aspects of Null life

we are a No BS, RL come first type of corps, 10 year old and going strong!

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