Exploration Safety

When scanning down anomalies besides spamming D-Scan and watching local when available, what triggers the warp out option. I look at all listed in local at their “info” tab and basically I look to see how long they’ve technically played, re employment history, and if they have played longer than 60 days I consider them a threat and will hesitate to continue scanning or hacking and warp out.

I also consider too many players listed in Local a threat and will hesitate to hack.

Is this too cautious or should I be looking at something else.



I think the longer than 60 days thing is smart it will keep someone from coming up on you cloaked as long as they don’t implement the blackout again.

Paranoid is what I hear that keeps you alive but I am new to Eve and appreciate the pointers.

I still hack and run sites even when I know there are hostiles in the system.

While hacking, click on a terrestrial object like a planet or star, and turn off your MWD / AB. This will reduce your reaction and warp-spooling time to a minimum. And try to keep distance from the can at 1800m so you don’t bump into it when warping off. Reduce your d-scan range to 1AU so you’re not bombarded with useless info. If a ship or probe appears, get ready to warp.


fit your ship for fast align and warp time and as soon as a ship appears in your overview, warp out. Then only a cloaky bomber already in the site will be able to decloak and tackle you (other ship types have some delay after decloaking to lock you )

Most of Null and LS are vacant. Really not much need to even explore the most populated regions–higher chance you’ll be actively hunted there, traps set to catch you and they tend to be picked over.

Ideas. Orbit at 2500m so you can cloak instantly.

If you find a worm hole, especially in dead ends, go ahead and get them scanned down–they are fantastic emergency exists if you get actively hunted. Also C1-C3 wormholes can be extremely lucrative because they contain normal space relic sites.

A good fraction of ships in Eve are lost because people are impatient–no real shame in logging off, grabbing launch, a few hours of another activity and coming back.

For variety try exploring from an interceptor sometime–once you really well skilled you’ll be able to work pretty efficiently and be very hard to catch just zipping around even populated systems.

In “the good old days” this would have been fine. But in The Age of Skill Injectors, a 10 minute old character could be flying a Titan. So age of character isn’t really a measure of threat or competence anymore.

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I usually orbit at a 1000 and don’t use my MWD/AB to orbit, i can change to 1800 easily enough, I always have a window open so i can warp to a gate, another comment says to orbit at 2500 and cloak if anything appears, I will try that also, my D-Scan is set to full right, i will reduce to 1AU.

Assume everyone wants to kill you, when you can cloak go to high sec systems, 0.7, 0.6, even 0.5 in remote areas and practice scanning and hacking, Everyshore for instance, you make some ISK, remote enough to keep the threats down and you can hone your skills, I wont say you wont get killed, I still do with my paranoid methods, but it seems to work out fro me…

I check zkillboard too.

Yeah, I don’t worry about age of character so much as the composition of their killboard. If you see a bunch of dead Herons and Asteros you might want to jet.

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My exploring skills, scanning and hacking related are all at level V’s and IV’s, I pilot an Astero working towards (ISK) Stratios, I have decent drones skills largely III’s and IV’s,

what interceptors are you referring to, thanks again for the reply…


Elwha meant fitting an instawarp travel ceptor with a relic/data analyzer. It is quite clear.
If you have good hacking/scanning skills of course, which will allow you to hack/scan correctly without the need for the bonuses that you get from explo ships

As Wyk said. One of the fleet interceptors (bubble immune). Raptor and Stiletto with 4 mids give you good scan strength if you need and/or a cargo scanner to cherry pick high value cans while fast moving and hard to catch. Once you get hacking 5 with the T2 analyzer you won’t miss many cans.

Astero is very solid choice. I found T3 cruisers and Stratios slower than I liked but undeniably kings among combat explorer fits. I also find trying different things keeps the game fresh. Good luck.

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