Faction Warfare - join us fight the Amarr!

Please note, I’m well aware you’re a human being and our quarrel is purely ingame, so I have no interest in pissing you off. I value your opinions and admire your passion for the war… but!

I think that image only proves my point.
How much of these kills from the Amarr Empire were from the top performer alliance CVA in Providence and not FW related?
I haven’t checked the entire KB, but so far I’m sure it takes a very large slice of the killboard cake. That fakes the statistics and the point you made is invalid.

Again, I’m not trying to piss you off.

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That leaderboard is for the last 90days (3 months). So if we look at the kills of CVA for the last 3 months:

So even when you deduct their kills (Even though they do have quite a bit of activity in the warzone), that still puts amarr at roughly 27200 kills, around 3464 more that Minmatar. Which is still quite impressive considering how outnumbered we are.

Anyway, lets put this behind now and just stick to roleplaying here :slight_smile: I don’t want to argue on your recruitment thread.

Our Italian friends made this video - enjoy!

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Some TZ are not yet represented as much as we would like, so our recruitment is still open.

Some months ago, I’ve joined grafik with my new PVP character, because…

  • I was sick of being a nullbear.
  • I’ve tried everything else apart from PVP and FW.
  • The amarrians located in the region from the video in previous post.
  • I needed to lose the jitters and heartpounding in PVP situations to think clearly.
  • I needed serious advise in solo and small gang PVP.

The choice was obvious for me. If I’d join FW, then as a Minmatar character fighting for the tribes against the evil slavers.

Even with Frigates at the beginning, I could tell, this is the most fun thing to do. Shooting at war targets with your friends was very rewarding. I’ve even extracted most skills from my former main character and injected them, so I’ll be ready for up to cruiser size ships. That day, what was supposed to be a “PVP alt”, became my main character.

I’ve never looked back. If it weren’t the greatest alliance I’ve ever been a part of, I’d have stopped playing EVE.

Listen to Temmet and join the good fight for the Matari!

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La "GLOBAL ISK NETWORK" tag: [I-Net]. http://www.globalisk.net RECLUTA nuovi e vecchi piloti italiani.
Nata nel 2005 è attualmente presieduta nella qualità di CEO da Lorenso è stata una delle prime corp italiane nonche la culla della comunity italiana su eve online . Dalla I-NET sono nati i player che nel lontano 2010 misero in piedi il progetto SYS-K la prima vera alleanza italiana , molto vicina alla Usha’khan.
Il Direttivo I-Net guidato da Lorenso e formato da Johannes DeRupescissa (logistica e rifornimenti), Jakt Renzokuken(direttore diplomatico) , aNNNNgST e Ustag( direttori FC) fanno di Global una corp accogliente per chi vola con noi e spietata verso tutti gli altri. Una Famiglia.
La Global Isk Network è una corp molto attiva, ed è possibile notarlo dalla zkillboard. Inoltre la I-Net per sua natura è vicina ai nuovi player desiderosi di giocare il pvp, offre al pilota appena nato la possibilità di sperimentare e scegliere il game play che preferisce. Possedendo un canale corporativo pubblico, denominato “bastardi.senza.gloria” è possibile contattarci e chiedere qualsiasi informazione.

La corporazione svolge le più svariate attività, che possono essere riassunte in:

  • pvp (player versus player)
    -flotte newbro friendly e scuole di volo
  • combattere per la milizia Minmatar
  • roaming in low sec, small gang, bomber bar, solo pvp, terrorismo negli high sec nemici, difesa dei sistemi, conquista dei sistemi in collaborazione con le alleanze Minmatar, pattugliamento del territorio;
  • farming missioni miliziane, complex miliziani;
  • Esplorazione, Station Trading, Mining, Produzione.

Inoltre viene fornito supporto iniziale ai nuovi miliziani per poter scambiare a prezzi ragionevoli e zero sbattimenti i Loyality Points Tribal Liberation , con interessanti guadagni .

La Corp è ingrado di fornire anche il servizio di SRP ( Ship Replacement Program) attualmente attivo solo per flotte organizzate di dottrina.

Detto questo , cosa aspetti ? Il gioco lo mette la CCP , il divertimento te lo garantiamo noi , manca solo la voglia che ce la devi mettere tu.

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If you can understand the post above, you’re able to understand Italian, which is kind of a superpower (if you’re not Italian yourself).
Join “I-Net” or contact someone from that awesome Italian corp with questions. I’m sure you’ll have lots of fun with them.

I joined Ushra’khan for two reasons. For the freedom of my people and to get gud at solo PvP.

I have since seen the Minmatar enjoy full control of the warzone, been gifted the Stripes of Fury medal and been promoted to Valklear General. Now if only I could get gud…

Join for freedom and gettin’ gud!


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Talk to us, whenever you feel like it.

Our public alliance channel is “Voices U’K”.

Once again, if you’re Italian or Italian speaking, there’s only one option (in my opinion):

Tonight we got more than 20 people in our roaming fleet. We were in Thrashers, looking for fights.
We had some. Check our KB, if you want to know, what we usually get into:

We won, we lost, we had fun!
Like everyday, when we have a fleet roam.

Still not sure, if you want to join?
Contact us in our “Voices U’K” channel.

Yes, we will also accept Alpha clones. It’s just as fun with meta 4 guns to fire at enemies as it is with T2 guns.

Talk to us, join, have fun. :heart:

And don’t be afraid, if you’ve “never done that”. We’ll fill you in on the PVP basics and you’ll be fine. Only actually participating in PVP gives you a chance to be good at PVP. It’s never too late. GO JOIN NOW! :smiley:

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We had fun with another fleet with 18 people tonight.

Not as bountiful as we would have liked it to be, but we still had fun.

Are you lacking fun during your online time?

Well… what are you waiting for?

Join “Voices U’K” channel and talk to a recruiter.

Another bountiful fun fleet tonight with another juicy kill.

There will be plenty more in upcomming days.

Get in on the fun! Join U’K and join our fleets!

Another fun fleet of our alliance I was attending today got us a very nice Moros kill on our KB.

Tonight, we’ve destroyed an enemy Raitaru. It was a glorious explosion!

We were expecting a fight, but nothing had happened, I’m sure, they had their reason.

We got our fight with another group on a gate, when a third party joined the fight. It was very messy and a lot of fun.

Are you all still recruiting? Been sitting in the public channel for a while now and rarely see recruiters on.


Yes, we are. Recruiters should be in our channel, as well as others, who will likely answer all your questions.

I’ve asked our recruiters to contact you and I hope, this will be very soon.

Sorry for keeping you waiting, my RL got in the way of monitoring this thread.

/e - You’ve already joined. Welcome! :slight_smile:

Today we somehow managed to defend a citadel. We were even able to kill some capital ships, like carriers, faxes and even a dread.

Don’t ask me how, I just know it worked out just fine for us in the end.

Man, I love this job. :rofl:

Nope, we’re certainly not dormant. There’s more action than the last weeks, I just happen to be busy in RL.

Today we had another nice fleet with awesome kills.

An Abbadon, a half million Garmur as well as several smaller ships exploded (on both sides) and we had lots of fun.

Learn to PVP with us. Nothing is as sweet as the first couple of victories. After that, it’s routine with the occasional rush on what you are capable of in your fleet.

Adrenaline rush guaranteed. Fun guaranteed. Small to medium gang PVP content almost every day.

Not into PVP or afraid to try?
Don’t be! We’ll teach you. There are no dumb questions.
I know you are out there… Capsuleers who stay in HighSec, waiting for your chance to have an actual impact apart form selling your salvage or ores on the market. Join us. You won’t regret it.