Amarr Faction Warfare Corp Recruiting! New player friendly

Task Force 641; An Amarr Faction Warfare Corp looking for new members!
We are a relatively small group looking to make some new friends!
Lots of opportunities combined with casual gameplay mean you can get the most out of this great game.
We don’t let this become a second job (unless you want it to be)
Just jump on when you like and come have some fun with friends after work!
Get in touch through our discord: Task Force 641 Or send an application to Task Force 641 in game!
What we do:

  • New player friendly! We provide our members with ships and the skills to use them
  • A strong allegiance to Khimi Harar (LUMEN); Amarr’s primary roleplay alliance
  • No Time Zone requirements; players from all over
  • Small gang roams throughout the Faction Warzones
  • Access to industry and hauling (and our own Raitaru to base your manufacturing from!)
  • Access to Alliance-wide operations

Hey. I’m interested in giving faction warfare a go. I’m currently 9m sps and relatively new. Wondering if it’s gd to make isk and learn here

Our Corp is honestly one of the best to start out with to learn. We have a nice mix of brand new players new to Eve and returning veterans with a lot of skillpoints but no FW experience. You’d fit in great :slight_smile:
the LP store is pretty good income tbh and we just hit T3 so its much easier to obtain

Hey im interested in joinning, im pretty new so idk a lot of the game and how it works but i want to improve and learn everything about combat and FW :slight_smile:

Lol got to you in game :slight_smile:

Great group of guys to fly with for Amarr FW.

If you’re new to the game we train as well!

Bump to the top !

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We’re having a blast blowing up Minmatar rust buckets. Pun intended, and there’s more where that came from.

Come join us!

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We have grown to 50 members already and still growing. Built a dedicated newbro training base in Ashab.

already at 70, and have claimed our own home system. Wow. Truly proud of what we’ve done.

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Still recruiting potential Amarr loyalists!

Come bask in the glory of the Empire !

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And bump to the top for Amarr FW loyalists!

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Are you recruiting still? Looking to join… aspiring EWAR capsuleer here…

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Heck yea we are! 114 and climbing!!

Huge thanks to everyone; honestly did not expect this to blow up as fast as it has. At this time, we have 165 in the Alliance, with more joining every day.
If you are looking for easy access to the new Faction Warfare Content, this really is the best place in Eve.

We have nearly 300 in Alliance and still recruiting. Please reach out if interested in FW. Lots of Nullsec folks are popping up :slight_smile:

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