An Amarr Faction Warfare Corp looking for new members!

Task Force 641; An Amarr Faction Warfare Corp looking for new members!

Currently seeking to bolster our central US timezone numbers to combat the MinMil menace!

We are a very active group looking to make some new friends! Lots of opportunities combined with casual gameplay mean you can get the most out of this great game. We don’t let this become a second job (unless you want it to be)

Just jump on when you like and come have some fun with friends after work!

Get in touch through our discord: TF 641 or join us in the open channel “TF 641 Public”

What we do:

  • New Player friendly! We will teach, train, and help get you started in Faction Warfare!
  • Stocked stations with corp fits for easy reshipping.
  • Nightly fleets and small gang roams.
  • Access to industry and hauling.
  • Access to alliance wide operations.

Typical night of Task Force purging a Typhoon with Punishers!

We are still looking for more butts in seats! Come join us in fighting off the Minmil horde!

Come take part in cool fights like these!

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