Amarr Needs HELP! <Blacklisted>

Returning(new) corp from 2015 looking for more players to expand and grow together as a team.

Amarr need help! for awhile now Amarr faction warfare has been the underdogs of the four factions in the game. We are looking to change that and bring back glory to the great nation of Amarr! We are looking for like minded players with a history in PVP or the willingness to learn proper PVP mechanics and such.

Things we offer!
-Ship Replacement Program
-Low/Null sec PVP
-Get paid to score killmails!
-Smaller sized fleets no blob warfare!
-Free Ships and skill books for new bros!
-Pvp Training
-Experienced FCs

If any of this sounds up your alley please feel free to reply here or convo me in game.
IGN. Itokeveldspar

Alphas Welcome

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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