Faction Warfare Ship Contracts

A specific type of ship contract available only to a certain faction. Basically a way for industrialists to list ship contracts to their own factional players. Much like ordinary ship contracts but purely to serve the war efforts of a particular faction.
I’d think that they might be made available through The Agency as well as ordinary contracts might help pilots find them easier.
Another option would be the ability to buy fitted ships with LP points, or a combination of LP points and isk from other players or even CCP. If from CCP I would limit the ship types and fits to only basic fits though so that players would be able to control and make choices to fuel the war machine themselves.

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A nice idea.

However, considering that I could make a new alpha alt and sign them up for the opposing faction without any background checks, there’s nothing really stopping me from buying contracts meant for an opposing faction.

Your second option of LP points seems to be a better idea I guess, as that means your enemy faction alt now has to earn LP in order to buy the contracts, which means those characters will have to help out the war efforts of that faction at least to access the contracts.


Yeah, LP is a good idea. New players will struggle with converting their lp into isk, so that’s perfect. And in return, the industrialist would save all the lp up and turn it in for dread bpcs to be more than compensated for their work.

I do think there should be a list of completed contracts though, so those new players can easily see what the fair prices are.


Some good ideas there too guys thanx for the input.

Transparency would be needed to make it fair for sure both for seller and for contract prices, almost a psuedo contract market. Something contracts don’t have currently at all.

Using LP would mean that being a dedicated industrialist thats helping the war effort would be rewarding as well which currently there isn’t much use for other than seeding direct markets which helps both sides in some cases. Course in militia owned citadels this is already the case.
I think using this would help create more clear trade hubs in some cases for the different FW militias or at least solidify them and make them more visible in the war zones if tied to The Agency or in the Militia pages.

TBH Im thinking of the people just wanting to get in for the weekend warrior packs of 3 day Omega or those wanting to reship for shadow wars from various other areas and making it easier for them to find and see decent fitted ship contracts.

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