Faded Light [IDNO] - Recruiting Combat Pilots for Small-Gang PvP

Who We Are

Faded Light is a PvP focused corporation living in the heart of the lowsec Caldari-Gallente warzone, providing us plentiful targets of varying shapes and sizes. We are focused on developing the combat skills of our pilots (both new and old), creating good fights, and building a good community in the process.

What We Offer

  • Regular combat roams, usually hit-and-run operations with frigates / destroyers / cruisers.
  • One-on-one training from veteran pilots, some with over 10 years of combat experience.
  • A relaxed and friendly environment that is accepting and mature, where real life > EVE.
  • A culture where respect, honor, and being classy in local are highly valued.
  • Logistic arrangements that make re-shipping easy and less expensive than normal.
  • No minimum skillpoint requirements, new pilots are key to the future of the game.

What We’re Looking For

  • Pilots that fly primarily around 2100-0300 EVE Time.
  • The ability to speak English, use voice comms, and own a headset microphone.
  • A means of self-sufficiency, in terms of ships, equipment, ISK, etc.
  • A good attitude (friendly demeanor on comms, willingness to learn new concepts, etc.)
  • Omega clones preferred, but Alpha clones are okay if you intend on eventually subscribing.
  • A willingness to fly solo and find fights, if it’s a slow night.

If you are interested in more information, or to schedule an interview, please contact Sakura Nihil in-game by evemail.


  1. What is the goal of Faded Light, over time?

That’s simple - to get good fights, develop our members’ skills, both in terms of skillpoints and actual piloting, with the aim of one day forming an alliance and competing in the Alliance Tournament.

  1. You mentioned training - what qualifications do your veterans have?

I offer myself as an example. Several thousand kills under my belt, 10+ years of combat experience (both solo and small-gang), and ten tournament runs as a part of both Star Fraction and Rote Kapelle (occasionally as the team captain). I’m certainly not perfect, but I have a lot to offer if you join us.

  1. What types of fights do you regularly engage in?

It’s a mixture of small-gang roams, usually frigate / destroyer / cruiser in size, skirmishing with militia groups, pirates, or nullsec entities in the region, either on gates or FW complexes in local. It varies, but the area has plentiful activity, and is rarely quiet.

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