Fancypants is Recruiting Small family corp in big Null Sec Home

Fancypants Inc is recruiting! Check out our recruitment info video —>[ Fancypants Inc]Recruitment Video
To speak to a recruiter join our Discord! —>

Corp Discord

Or send an in-game mail to one of our recruiters:

US TZ: HalinaCD Orkost

EU TZ: Dave Aidrioni

  • Primarily US TZ Corp with strong AU TZ presence (70% US / 30% Aussies and Kiwis)
  • Our motto is “we make Isk so we can PVP, we don’t make Isk just to make more ISK”
  • FC and other leadership positions available to those who want to step up (with ISK payment for rewards)
  • Full SRP
  • Industrial infrastructure in place with corp BPO library for public use
  • Deadend -1.0 null-sec pocket for ISK making
  • Private moons owned by the corp for mining
  • In house alliance tournaments and other fun activities and competitions for prizes
  • Room for PVP and Indy pilots
  • We are looking for and willing to train the next generation of FC’s!

No join me!!


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