Fanfest 2023 Ticket Exchange

WTS 1x Fanfest Pioneer Pass Early Bird $140
Cannot go due to work

Do the fanfest tickets come with digital goodies? In case I can’t go and I purchase one I mean

yea, they do. the pioneer early birds come with extra ones

Sent you an evemail.

Still for sale if anyone is interested. Willing to negotiate on price

Hi there,

I know this is very last minute, but plans changed and RL beat me to the fun :frowning:

So I cant attend this year and would love to make someone else happy with the ticket as it is sold out. I would gladly part ways with it for 100$

Reach out to me on discord : mysor

Fly safe o7

Selling 2 early Bird tickets very cheap

  1. Reply here
  2. Send me an eve-mail with your first and last name so I can re-assign the tickets on Eventbrite. Eventbrite might also need your email address.
  3. Once tickets have changed I will send you back PayPal account name.
  4. After receiving payment, I will transfer the tickets on Eventbrite and notify you, both on eve-mail and this thread.

Hi !
Are those 2 Tickets still available ? Friends of mine are interested in buying them …
Best regards Escaldaron

Is this ticket still available? I would like to buy it

still have an advanced pioneer pass early bird I can sell at £150. message me on discord #monomythiclee

as above