Fanfest 2023 Ticket Exchange

Hello everyone,

We have received a number of support tickets regarding both refunds of tickets and asking if there are any further tickets available due to Fanfest 2023 being sold out.

As per our refund policy for Fanfest we cannot offer to refund any purchased tickets but they may be exchanged by the current ticket owner at their discretion by changing the ticket holder name on eventbrite and arranging any exchange of currency themselves.

PLEASE NOTE: CCP Games does not guarantee exchanges for tickets nor assist in them. However, we will treat any scam attempts extremely seriously and forward any information of such reports to local law enforcement authorities.

You may use this thread to both advertise that you are looking for a ticket or that you are looking to sell your ticket.


Hey all, Looking to buy two 2023 Fanfest tickets!

Looking to buy 1 pub crawl ticket

wtb 1x ticket

Status: SOLD

I have two Early Bird tickets to sell. I was really looking forward to go to Fanfest, but it’s hard to plan almost one year in advance.

Anyway, I’m selling them for the original price - $390 for both ($195 for one). Ideally using PayPal.

If you are interested:

  1. Reply here
  2. Send me an eve-mail with your first and last name so I can re-assign the tickets on Eventbrite. Eventbrite might also need your email address.
  3. I will send you back PayPal account name.
  4. After receiving payment, I will transfer the tickets on Eventbrite and notify you, both on eve-mail and this thread.
  5. Confirm on this thread that you have received the tickets.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Antihrist Pripravnik I will send you an ingame mail. Thank you

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Looking to sell EVE Fanfest 2023 - Pioneer Pass - Early Bird

Had the change plans due to unforeseen financial issues

Paypal Payment only - Looking to sell for £100, once payment is received, i will transfer the ticket

Best way to contact me is discord - dreamingdawn, or send me a eve mail with your discord and i will get back to you.

Sold to InfinitasX, money and tickets transfered

Payment received, tickets transferred on Eventbrite. You should receive eTickets in your email shortly. Please confirm when you do, so I can mark this as closed.

Edit: eve-mail confirmation received from SloppyJo8360 that the tickets are on their Eventbrite account. Have fun and fly safe :slight_smile:

Tickets received! Thank you!

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evemail sent, added on discord

2 Ticket package with savings if you’re bringing an indifferent spouse.
EVE Fanfest 2023 - Pioneer Pass - Early Bird

1st Ticket: 25 Bil. A steal compared to 17 PLEX in 2016.
2nd Ticket: 25 Bil. or Free if they go in my character name and mail me the swag*

Claim here and communicate through in-game mail preferred.
*Willing to character transfer back and forth if required by CCP.
*Willing to reimburse shipping via Venmo or PayPal especial for non-Americans.

I have 2 tickets, both “Pioneer Pass- early bird” that are currently going to go unused. Bought them for some people who arent coming any more.
If interested you can reply here, but discord will probably be quicker, find me at “Exooki”.

Swag and everything with them is all yours.

Hello Capsuleers

I have one Fanfest ticket I would like to sell. I purchased it with the intent of attending Fanfest but I cannot due to unforseen financial issues. I paid $195.00 USD for them. Please contact me in discord (commonrevolutionary) or here if you are interested in purchasing it. Thank you and fly safe o7


WTS Fanfest Pioneer Pass - Super Early Bird

Paid $179 - Contact me on Discord ‘tau5364’

Also, have a pioneer ticket I’m willing to sell at face value.

MonoMythicLee on the discords

Hello All. I am looking to sell my 2 Early Bird - Pioneer Pass tickets.

I am selling them both for 375 USD or 165 each.

I am on Discord as fyre_n_ash aka Phoenix.

Eve Fanfest Image 2 Edit

I have 1xPioner Pass Release Bird for sale. Price was $159 and I release it for a good bid.
You can contact me on Discord as to arrange for the transfer: topgunxaar

I’m looking for 4 Fanfest Reykjavik City Walking tickets.