Fault Line Industries[FTLI] - High-sec PVE/Mining corporation, reopening after long hiatus

I’m returning to Eve after a long hiatus and restarting my corporation, FTLI.

In the past we participated in various PVE activities in Hi- sec, held our own in a POS in Lo-sec, tried our hand at living in W-space, and finally found ourselves renting space from a large sov-holding alliance.

For various reasons, including most of the leadership (me included) leaving the game, the corporation became inactive and upon my return to Eve I’ve found that I am the only remaining member.

I’ve decided to keep Fault Line alive, returning to it’s roots as a Hi-sec only Industrial corp, and would like to invite any Industry and Mining oriented pilots to join me.
If you have any questions or would just like to chat, please convo or mail me in game, or join our recruitment channel ‘FTLI Recruitment’

Still looking for members.

Actively Recruiting

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