Feawen Character Private Sale 240m SP

Moderately famous character.
No kill rights.
-1.7 Sec Status, no bounty, allowed in all four Empire factions, no horrible standings.
Character has one jump clone in Sakht without implants.
Character is in Jita 4-4.
Character is in an NPC corp.
No appreciable assets.
Positive wallet.

Sale price is private, but for any ISD/GM, can be found in the Evemails on this character.

Confirming that I’m the buyer, that my user name was sent privately by eve-mail and that the agreed upon sum of ISK has been transferred.

Confirming account name and ISK transferred.

Initiating character transfer now

Character transfer has been initiated, completion time estimated 1/21/2024 2:17:45AM, and screenshot provided to buyer!

Enjoy the character!

Transfer notification has been received.

Edit: Character received,

Many thanks!

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