Federation of Freedom Fighters [F-OFF] Wants you!

Looking for more PvP pilots to join us in Sov Nullsec.

Join our in game channel F-OFF NOW and speak to us.

Always looking for new and old pilots to come fly with us. We are very chill, just want to have fun and blow up ships, sometimes we even manage to get a few kills.

Here is a recent video of us and a astra house defense.

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Very laid back group looking for members both old and new! Stop thinking about it and join us! <3

IF you are looking for a group to hang out with and go pew pew things. Come talk to us at F-OFF NOW

Looking for those that like to Pew Pew.

Aaaaand another one

Looking for dem PvP pilots.

IF you are interested in PVP in nullsec. Then come and join us. To find out how to be come one of us. Join F-OFF NOW in game channel

Join us do it NAO!

Recruitment is still open.

Join the channel F-OFF NOW in game to speak to us.

You want to shoot things and bathe in the blood of your enemies? Then jump in channel F-OFF NOW in game and come join us!

Recruitment is still open!

What are you waiting for? join us!

Happy New years Everyone. If you are looking for a new home this new year. Well what are you waiting for? Come talk to us at F OFF NOW

lets have a conversation for my love of pizza rolls and how much Justin sucks

Still recruiting PvP players.

Join our in game channel F-OFF NOW and chat with us.

Still looking for pple tp go pew pew with us. Come talk to us at F-OFF NOW in game channel. Here is a nice video for you to watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HX1NKE6Yp8w

Still looking for PvP pilots.

Join us. Even if you’re new to pvp we can always help you learn. A good community is good for eve!

Come join a fun laid back community that like to shoot things! (We mine and rat a little too)

Looking for some more PVP peeps to help defend NULLSEC. Come talk to us F-OFF NOW in game