Federation of Freedom Fighters [F-OFF] Wants you!

    Federation of Freedom Fighter (F-OFF)


We are growing and we want you!

F-OFF has been around since 2004. We still have our original members from 2004 and new ones to join in our PVP shenanigans. We are serious in fights and when the fight is over we are joking in comms. We do have a range of players in our corp. From Vet players to new players. Age range is from 20-60’s We are disciplined and expect only the best from our pilots as we strive to provide the best environment we can for you to experience EVE. We also are willing to teach pilots who want to learn PVP.

We are part of Vindictive Alliance located in NULLSEC PVP community… We are located in Immesnsea, so come join us and become one of us!!!

What we offer:

  • Awesome ticker F-OFF
  • We believe IRL comes first
  • We look after each other like family
  • Experienced FC’s
  • Small/Medium Gang Roams
  • Capital Warfare
  • Structure demolition
  • SOV Bashing
  • Fleet ships available on corp contract or handed out at fleet form ups
  • S*RP (Ship Refund/Replacement Program) for all fleet ships including Caps
  • Very active comms and corp chats
  • Discord, Team Speak, and Mumble for Corp communications
  • A home to old and new players
  • We cover EU, early US, late US, and some ANZ

We are also open to Corp mergers into F-OFF. We know this can be a delicate topic, but we do have great experience on this topic and can help you give your members a home.

We do require an ESI check and voice voice interview.

Come talk to us in our in game channel: F-OFF NOW

Check out our website at https://f-off.net/

Check out our Wiki page https://wiki.vindi.space/

Check out our zkillboard at https://zkillboard.com/corporation/1316448553/



Frosty Bolt - US

Alphalfa - US

Justin Starr STARR - US

Xathrid del’mar - US

Come join us! Plenty of good krabbing space and plenty of things to pew pew!

Looking for pilots to join us in Sov Nullsec.

Message me in game or join our in game channel F-OFF NOW and speak to a recruiter.

I was instructed to bump this point, here i am so uhhhhh join us please

Come join us for some PVP fun inNullsec. Join F-OFF NOW and speak to a recruiter.

Come blow some stuff up!

You want content we can provide it.
Hit us up in our in game recruitment channel F-OFF NOW

Come out to Nullsec and join in on some PVP shenanigans.
Come talk to one of recruiters:

Frosty Bolt - US

Alphalfa - US

Justin Starr STARR - US

Xathrid del’mar - US

so i totally forgot to bump this thread yesterday and now Frosty Bolt is reaaaaaaally mad with me so here i am now doing it, a day later… anyways, we are recruiting and party of VINDICTIVE alliance. we do some pretty cool things and go pew pew a lot so yeah thats fun. we do some mining too but i think thats boring so pew pew with us instead! aight ima head out and eat my acai bowl i bought, first one i ever had so lets see how this goes.

Looking for PvP and Rorq pilots to join us in Sov Nullsec.

Stop by our in game channel F-OFF NOW to speak to a recruiter.

Join us! we do daily “bonding”!

Come down to nullsec and have some fun with us. If you are looking to pew pew come talk toa recruiter at F-OFF NOW

Looking for more PvP pilots to join us in Nullsec.

Join our in game recruitment channel F-OFF NOW.

so here i am… laying in bed sick as heck with the flu and frosty makes me bump this post. if thats not dedication to this corporation i dont know what is. so uh, update on my last post about the acai bowl. it sucked… how dare i try to eat healthy, what filth is that! anyways, we can talk about it during your interview! come join us now!

Do you guys train new players? Been hearing a lot of good things about Vindictive alliance.

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press F for alphalfa

We can talk more on discord. Here is my discord user name Frosty_Bolt#9062

Come down to Nullsec and go pew pew with us. If you want to join us. then come talk to us at F-OFF NOW

getting back into eve from a long break. never really found a good place to call home but im back for the long haul this time because all the other games suck. looking for good fit and to learn the game better. would love to talk with you guys about possibly joining.

welcome back to eve. We can talk on discord if you are still looking.