Ferrum Mercator Consortium: Triglavian Industry corp recruiting!

Ferrum Mercator Consortium is a Triglavian based corporation. Our main goal is to manufacture and produce Triglavian modules and ships in mass for public consumption.

The secondary goal is a mobile platform for industrialists new and old to take advantage of the new triglavian ore in Triglavian dominate systems.

Join the Flow outside the struggle and fight against the Edencom war machine while learning pve, pvp, and industry all in one corp!

We reside in Highsec currently. Easy access to Home base Akhmoh VII - Moon 6 - Kador Family Academy
All Pilots welcome, No SP requirement. Very friendly environment. Vets willing to help newbros.

As stated our main goal is Triglavian content. Bonus if you fly Precursor.
What We are looking for;

  • Industrial Pilots
  • Conduits Pilots
  • Abyssal DED Space Pilots
  • Mining Pilots

What we can Provide;

  • Combat fleet operations
  • Mining fleet operations
  • Corp buy back program
  • BPC’s
  • Boosts and Logistics
  • Calm, fun, helpful environtment

Our intention is to teach members the intricacies of Triglavian technology, society, and provide the means to build and pilot these ships.

The CEO’s dream is to see these ships flying and proliferated to everyone everywhere and to see the Triglavians to glory in their journey into our space!

PM Umichi Onichi or post here and i will message you as soon as possible about any questions or concerns!
For the Collective!

Just a reminder that we are still recruting! get in on the ground floor of a unique corporation today!

I’m bumping for posterity. We are still recruiting. I am looking for a recruiter to assist me. Pm Umichi Onichi in game for info.

Still recruiting members. I am currently engaged in the Triglavian war. The flow of viraj must not be interrupted. Glorification to all who prove themselves.

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