[Filled] 50 B Loan

I am lending 50 B to @Chas_Ramidan . As usual, I am holding appropriate collateral, which has been contracted back to him for 51.5 B (including 3% interest). The loan will expire on 2024-04-02.

I confirm the loan has been issued as described above - and that I have filled the loan and received my collateral back. Would use this service again.

The loan has been paid back in full. Thank you for your business @Chas_Ramidan !

I am again lending 50 B to @Chas_Ramidan , with the same conditions as before. The new loan will expire on 2024-05-01.

The new loan has been paid back in full (somewhat earlier than I expected). Once again, thank you for your business! @Chas_Ramidan