(Knight Dredd) #1


(Knight Dredd) #2

Still looking, can collect from any npc station if you have one mail me Im sure we can work out a price.

(Skitterball) #3

I first read WTB Friend and had to do a serious WTF and re-look at what you were asking.

(12 Piece WingCombo) #4

DM sent

(Dark Magni) #5

If you end up paying with liquid isk, be sure to send me a message with a number about the Chremo.

Good luck, free bump to a good dude.

(Knight Dredd) #6

Still looking to buy or trade

(Phobic) #7

i have fiend 550b

(Knight Dredd) #8

Still looking paying over 400b

(Cleopatra Ramesses) #9

500b Is a good price