Firesale Branch

(Stoseph Stuarts) #1

wts in KMC-WI, please mail offers or type below

(Tiddle Jr) #2

Any chance you could split this lot?

(Stoseph Stuarts) #3

how would you like me to split it? none of it is contracted right now

(Tiddle Jr) #4

i’m interested in mods only not ore & cap constr parts

(Stoseph Stuarts) #5

what about the ships?

(Tiddle Jr) #6

Sorry but I couldn’t see them on the list, what you got?

(Stoseph Stuarts) #7

(Stoseph Stuarts) #8

looks like they just didn’t copy and paste over was all

(Stoseph Stuarts) #9

still trying to sell

(system) #10

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