First Confirmed Kill Of A Super-Nexus


Ore drops as loot, approximately 10 million ISK worth.

I tried salvaging the wreck but a message popped up saying that I needed 46,000 m3 of cargo hold volume.

Disregard, the ore in the wrecks cargo hold was causing the salvager to foul. Once the ore had been removed, the wreck is salvageable.


I was there, but here is a different screenshot. I will upload a video of the explosion later.

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If a Cyclone and a Stealth Bomber can take down the Triglavian’s Auto-Miners without sending in any reinforcements, the Triglavians must not be too concerned with mining operations being attacked.

They must have more processing facilities that are hidden if they allowed two Capsuleers to swipe their Super-Nexus.

For those EDEN COM fleets looking for easy targets to hit, the Super-Nexus will go down very easily with a fleet of ten or more.

I didn’t get any salvage, but what ever salvage a Super-Nexus might drop should be rather nice.

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Final moments of the structure

Come on Edencom there is plenty to shoot at!

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First thing I looked for! :smiley:

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